Create custom face mask

Design a custom face mask online, the personalized knitpiece for every occasion. Enter text in the Online Designer and choose cliparts, upload your own designs or choose from numerous templates. This mask is a fashionable and practical knitting accessory.

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3D Knitted seamless mask

Unique face masks allow you to breath easily, because they are knitted in shape. They come in two colors to choose from, the yarn palette offers 29 colors. And yes, the masks are seamless & 3D knitted. Some compare this to the advanced technology Nike used for its FlyKnit shoes, or the equivalent Adidas primeknit offer.
But frankly, 3d knitting has been around for years already, so neither of the sportswear giants actually invented 3d or seamless knitting. Of course, the Wildemasche adaption of this technology in times of Corona to customize with your design makes this offer very special.

Easy care cotton mask

Knitted from 100% cotton, the mask fits well and is very comfortable to wear. It is washable with at least 60 degree C, suitable for tumble drying and reusable. Regular washing or disinfection can be done in a hot water pot or heated in an oven at up to 90 degree celcius. As a hygiene item, the mouth-nose mask is non-returnable.

Duty to wear face mask

Since the end of April, it is compulsory in Germany to wear a facemask that covers mouth and nose in retail stores or in public transport. That's why many people welcome the offer to design an everyday mask with custom design. The face mask is not printed, but knitted in 1 piece. The focus is primarily on protecting others, i.e. that when talking, sneezing, coughing, fewer droplets and aerosols get into the environment, thus protecting people around you. Everyday masks do not offer complete protection, but they reduce the amount of potentially released particles.

Design mask online

The masks are available in over 400 color combinations, choose 2 colors from 29 available yarn colors. The face mask is thus not only refined or enriched with your design, but actually knitted stitch by stitch from it. Your text, message or company logo can be carried prominently.

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Knit Mask Made in Germany

The cotton masks are knitted in our knitting factory near Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Sewing is not necessary, the elastic ear loops are already integrated. Since the mask is not printed, but knitted, the entire front surface can be designed to be full-surface, while remaining breathable. Some printing techniques don't offer that, and have limitations regarding this feature.

Size and fit

One size fits all approach, works for teenagers, men and women. Children can fold the bottom edge if necessary to get a smaller size. Fully reusable, washable and tumble dry. Not a medical mask, not certified and not approved as a medical device.

Discount from 2 identical pcs

Please note the quantity discount already from 2 pieces with identical design. Put a design in the shopping cart and enter desired quantity. Update the shopping cart position, price with quantity discount is displayed.

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