Design your knitted sweater at Wildemasche

Knitted sweaters are not only worn in winter time, but throughout the year. Sometimes, a tshirt, blouse or shirt isn't enough, so the knitted sweater comes round the bend to fill the gap. Thanks to the internet, completing your outfit with a custom knit piece is easy, even if you don't know how to knit. Design a custom sweater online, for you or a loved one. This is fun and creative, start your own online design now:

Design a sweater

Select sweater

Select the sweater in the product bar next to the football scarf. Currently, there is only one sweater model we offer: the sweater you can do a custom design for. This means you have lots of options regarding the design of the custom knit piece.
What you cannot edit is the overall sweater cut, collar shape or distinction between knitsweater for men / women.

This is currently the tradeoff that has to be made in knitting production: customizing all specs of a sweater would make it too expensive. So we focused on the custom design, and voila, here we have a single custom piece almost the price of a hooded sweater with zipper or a printed sweatshirt.
Go for it and click "Design now" to start your design.

Custom sweater design

Pick design elements and templates for your bespoke sweater

Find buttons to add design elements on the top left in the online designer. Upload your design or logo as JPG or PNG, add text & cliparts, and / or choose a template design. In the template section, find the random sweater generator function: click to do a generative random sweater designs. Colors can be switched for all templates and random designs.

Design your knitsweater with elements on front, the back and the sleeves. The unique thing about the sweater is that the whole sweater can be designed allover. There is no limitation to certain printable areas. The sweater is not only refined, e.g. with an embroidery or print, but knitted completely with / from the design.

Knitting a sweater

Sweater with your name

When using text to put your name or initial on a sweater, we offer even more options. Place the text the classic way, or use the tile / repeat options.

As the whole surface can be designed allover, you can tile text vertically, horizontally, allover completly, offset allover or mirror inverted allover. The name or text of your choice can have different font faces, color, edge color and edge thickness.

Pro tip: The tile option is available for cliparts and your own uploaded files as well. With a single element, clipart or letter, a hundred design variations can be created and displayed.

After you have created your custom design, put your sweater in the cart and enter desired quantity. Discounts start from two pieces with identical design, and discounted price is shown in the cart. Your personal bespoke knit sweater is knitted im Germany within about 2 weeks, and then sent out to delivery addresses worldwide. Express shipping is also available. See checkout for shipping time and cost.

* incl. tax, plus shipping