Create design für knit mask

Design your two color knit mask with a design / layout program of your choice. Send the created file with email, or upload it in the Online Designer. as JPG oder PNG file.

You can start your design in a file format of your choice. In order to knit the design then, it has to be put in the format described below. This usually means the design has to be resized and color reduced.
It does not matter if your INITIAL file is in high resolution or comes as perfect vector image. For knitting, only the below format is relevant, then 1 Pixel in the images becomes one knitted stitch in the product

  • File format: PNG
  • Resolution: none resp. Standard 72 DPI. If the image is color reduced correctly, there is no resolution anymore. 1 pixel then has 1 color and becomes one knitted stitch.
    For correct color reduction in Photoshop, check out help topic regarding "indexed colors".
  • Size of the designable area without form: 134x123 Pixel (width x height). This should be used for allover designs. Because the mask is knitted with form, areas on the edges cannot be designed.

Color reduction

For the design area is quite small, the design has to be edited manually in order to get a good result. Simply resizing and color reducing will not be enough, manual correction is needed for best results.

2bit bild 1

Full color

The image seems to have 2 colors: dark grey and white. Acutally, the image has 1121 colors, because of greyscales on the edges.

2bit bild 1

Color reduced

This image is color reduced to 2 colors. Dark grey and white. The edges look more pixeled, because there is no antialiasing or smoothing with greyscales.
But only this way the design can be knitted.

2bit bild 1

Zoomed in with grid

One box in the grid stands for one pixel, which gives one knitted stitch.
At the peak on the left, greyscales still can be found. So there are more than 2 colors, it could not be knitted this way. The image on the right is correct with 2 colors.

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