Triangle scarf bat pattern Art no.: 6000-0003

Triangle scarf with bat pattern and your text, clipart or other artwork. Design your triangle today, the design is knitted in.

  • Add to this design: your logo, photo, text, crest or pattern
  • Edit colors for this design, choose from the yarn palette displayed
  • Choose from thousands of more designs in the Online Designer

ca. 165x80cm
Yarn colors

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Quantity discounts from 2pcs with same design already.
The price shown above is for a single piece with your custom design.

All products are custom knitted to order with your design. You can edit the design displayed here, order it without changes or create a new design from scratch or uploaded file. Click "Design now" to start the Online Designer.

Triangle scarf

  • Knitted triangle scarf
  • Triangle scarf bat pattern made to order with your custom design, text, logo. No minimums.
  • The design/pattern/logo/text ist knitted in the triangle scarf / shawl. No print, no embroidery
  • Material: Choose from 100% wool, 100% organic cotton, 50/50 wool/acrylic, 100% acrylic. More yarn quality info here.
  • Choose two knit colors from the color palette in the online designer.
  • The backside of the triangular scarf is mirror inverted to the front side, the colors are swapped.
  • Direct knit factory production in Stuttgart / Germany - WORLDWIDE DELIVERY!

Design and order online

Start the Online Designer to create your custom design. Or watch this video first with basic steps explained.
All products can be designed with the online designer: not only soccer / football scarves, but also design scarves, blankets, beanies, sweaters and triangle scarves.


What is the minimum order quantity?
There is NO minimum order quantity. You can order products with your custom design as single piece, or any other quantity.

How do I upload my own design?
Click "Design now" to start the Online Designer. Click "Add image" at the top left in the Online Designer to upload your design, a logo, photo or a pattern. All elements can be tiled in the online designer.
Upload a complete design, or design elements one after another. Choose background design template or unicolor background with the "designs" button in the Online Designer.

How about pantone values for the yarn colors?
Giving pantone colors is difficult: We don't get exact values from the yarn supplier, so we have to estimate the values ourselves. Overmore, there are always at least two colors in a scarf. When knitting e.g. red with white, it will look different compared to knitting red with black. Regarding yarn colors, Pantone values suggest a level of accuracy that cannot be provided.

ca. 165x80cm
ca. 165x80cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 180x90cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping