Format and size for design files
Pixel perfect, knittable files have this format:

- PNG palette image

- See table below for the size the design should have. PLEASE USE THE SIZE IN PIXEL, NOT THE SIZE of the product in cm. 1 pixel will translate to one knitted stitch, but not to 1cm in the product.

- the file should be color reduced (indexed color image). Depending on product, e.g. football scarf max. 5 colors, sweater 4 colors, design scarf 2 colors.

- Resolution: No resolution resp. standard screen resolution 72 dpi. When the image is color reduced correctly, there is no resolution anymore. It is a palette image then: one pixel then has one color (and becomes one knitted stitch).
A high resolution or larger image size does not lead to a better knitting result

One pixel in the rastered and color reduced image gives one knitted stitch in the fabric.

Art NrProductSizeDesign pixelProduct in ca. cm
1000Football scarfStandard772x84145x17
1010Football scarfkids600x72110x15
1020Football scarfmaxi1024x84200x17
2000Design scarfStandard 1120x176175x25
2010Design scarfkids800x116120x17
2020Design scarfmaxi1408x176230x25
3000Blanket 2-colorStandard1200x832185x150
3010Blanket 2-colorkids960x550150x100
3020Blanket 2-colorbaby640x480100x80
4000Blanket 4-colorStandard1104x896190x155
4010Blanket 4-colorkids900x576150x100
4020Blanket 4-colorbaby576x464100x80
7000Fabric panelStandard1650x660155x80
7300Fineknit sweaterS - XXL700x660 
8200Knit sweaterS - XXL290x290

The design pixel size for sweaters is the maximum size for size XXL. Because of the cut, there is less space that you can actually design. Also when choosing smaller sizes.

At the top, some of the design is cut off as well, resp. may not be completly visible because of the seams at the top.

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