How to improve uploaded images
When uploading own images, logos etc, there are many ways to color reduce them and make them ready to knit.

See basic hints here. Combine the options offered to get the result you like best for your uploaded file.

Choosing colors for the image:
- Look which main colors the image has, and which colors the knit should have
- Focus on the main colors, because the number of colors is limited. Don't go after colors of small details, you can add them later if you have spare color, or add the later manually. This way, a color might only appear in a exactly defined area.
- for photos, best practice is to pick one light, one medium and one dark color, so gradients in the photo can be displayed.
- if original colors are too close together: pick colors with more distinction to get a good color reduction, and replace later with actually desired colors

Solid / pixeled color reduction
- decide if you want rather solid colors or gradients in the knit design
- Logos usually have solid colors, pixeled is usually better for photos or elements with shading

Rulers for brightness, contrast, sharpness etc
- use in combination with color reduction method: so pixeled/solid combined with a very light or very dark images gives a lot of combinations already.
- pick a preset, and/or change rulers directly

Size of the image in the design
- the larger the image in the design, the more pixel there are to display it. Scale the image up and down to see how the outcome changes. Then decide which size you want, and find the best image settings for this size.

Right size for uploaded images:
- crop image and focus on essential parts, e.g. the face of a person.
- splitting up the image in several parts for different settings. E.g. a photo of a persons face may needs different settings than an element for background pattern

Manual editing
Although there are all these options, you still might need some manual editing. Use the draw tool, erase or color replacer.

Send design with "Share design" button
If you want us to check the design, send us the link to the design with the "Share design" button top right in the Online Designer.
(Mobile users use landscape orientation so button is visible)
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