Upload images & logos and settings in the editor
Images and logos have to be color reduced in order to be knitted. See settings & options explained below.

Upload / import a file:
Open the Online Designer with desired product, then choose "Image" top left to upload a file (PNG, JPEG or GIF)

Choose colors for the image:
- Click one of the color buttons to select color. In the sample here, blue should be selected, otherwise there will be no blue in the design.

- the number of colors is limited, so focus on the main colors and check which colors are needed.

- For photos, pick one light, one medium and one dark color, so gradients in the photo can be displayed.

- if original colors are too close together, the automatic might not "see" them correctly. Upload the design in more contrasting colors, or pick colors with more contrast to get a good color reduction, and choose actual knitting colors later.

Solid / pixeled color reduction

Pixeled color reduction tries to emulate colors to get closer to them. As there is no blue selected, it is emulated by green with red pixel in it.
So emulating colors is usually good for photos or gradients.

Option solid for color reduction selects the the nearest color. There is not attempt to mix colors, so there are less astray pixel in the uploaded file.

Only pick colors that should be used for color reduction
The lighter green is not needed, so unselect it for color reduction. This way, there are less astray light green pixel in the text.
Or choose a different color for this position anyway, e.g. blue.

Rulers for brightness, contrast, sharpness etc
-> Mobile users use landscape orientation to see this!
- pick a preset, and/or use rulers directly

Size of the image in the design
- the larger the image in the design, the more pixel there are to display it. Scale the image up and down to see how the outcome changes. Then decide which size you want, and find the best image settings for this size.

So this way: There are thousands of options when you combine the options described so far:
colors picked, color reduction method (pixeled or solid), ruler settings and size of your image in the design

But there is even more:

Crop image
- crop image and focus on essential parts, e.g. the face of a person.

- splitting up the image in several parts for different settings. E.g. a photo of a persons face may need different settings than a logo or element for background pattern
You can either upload the image two times, and crop each one as needed. Or upload one, and copy it online, then crop it.

Manual editing:
Despite all options given, you still may have to edit some pixel manually. Use the draw tool, color replacer, flood fill and eraser.

Send design with "Share design" button
If you want us to check the design, send the link to the design with the "Share design" button top right in the Online Designer.
(Mobile users use landscape orientation so button is visible)

Depending on the options you choose, your original logo/image (1) can look like (2) or (3):

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