What is the difference between a knitted and an embroidered stitch
A knitted stitch and an embroidered stitch are two different techniques used to create textiles or decorative elements. Knitting involves creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, while embroidery involves decorating fabric with decorative stitches made with a needle and thread.

There are a number of key differences between knitted and embroidered stitches:

- Method of creation: Knitting involves creating loops of yarn that are interlocked to create fabric, while embroidery involves using a needle and thread to create decorative stitches on top of a fabric base.
- Materials used: Knitting typically uses yarn or thread, while embroidery can be done with a wide variety of materials, including thread, yarn, ribbon, and beads.
- Appearance: Knitted fabrics have a distinctive knit texture, while embroidered fabrics have a raised or decorative surface texture.
- Stitch size: Knitted stitches are typically larger than embroidered stitches, as they are created by interlocking loops of yarn rather than individual stitches.
- Durability: Knitted fabrics are typically more durable than embroidered fabrics, as the interlocking loops of yarn create a stronger, more flexible fabric.

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