Can you reknit a certain knitpiece?
At Wildemasche, we offer products we have set up a standard for.
So specs are defined how the products are knitted, this allows us to produce knit pieces fast and from 1 piece with custom design already.

Within this boundaries of defined specs, you can create your custom design and have it knitted in with jacquard technique.

So you cannot change or select
- cut
- form of the neck
- knitting gauge
- more colors than the maximum defined for the product
- material other than what we have in stock

For recreating / copy / duplicating a knitpiece this means:
The graphical design of a sweater or other knitpiece can be recreated, but it will not be an exact copy of the original garment.

See all products and variations offered in the overview here:

Number of colors
You cannot increase the maximum number of colors used in the garment, but you can e.g. use a pattern or blend 2-3 color and so emulate one or more extra colors.

As on the right side here, which is a mix of yellow and black stitches.

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