Can you reknit a certain knitpiece?
At Wildemasche, we offer products we have set up a standard for.
So specs are defined how the products are knitted, this allows to produce pieces fast and from 1 piece with custom design already.

Within this boundaries of defined specs, you can create your custom design and have it knitted in.

So you cannot change or select
- cut
- form of the neck
- knitting gauge
- more colors than the maximum defined for the product
- material other than what we have in stock

For recreating / copy / duplicating a knitpiece this means:
The graphical design of a sweater or other knitpiece can be recreated, but it will not be an exact copy of the original garment.

See all products and variations offered in the overview here:

Number of colors
You cannot increase the maximum number of colors used in the garment, but you can e.g. use a pattern or blend two color and so emulate one or more extra colors.

As in the background here:

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