What is an investigation with DHL / Post
If a DHL or Post Standard shipment is overdue / late / has no new tracking status for a long time, we can start an investigation so the packet is searched for.

When can an investigation be started?

Worldwide delivery:
Currently we can start an investigation for DHL eco & Post standard shipments not earlier than 4 weeks after they are dispatched.

EU delivery:
Please email if you do not receive the shipment after the time given in the order confirmation mail +10 days.

How long does an investigation take?

Investigations may take 2 - 8 weeks.

So this is usually no quick fix to bring up a packet within a few days.

It is a way to officially search for the packet: it is then either found & delivered, or loss of the packet is stated by DHL/Post.When loss is stated, we can then claim the insurance value.
When we get the insurance value, the customer then can decide if the wants a refund or a reknit.

Why does this take so long?
German Post resp DHL has to send a request to the receiving Post. According to World Post treaty, the Post company in your country (USPS, Canada Post, La Poste etc) then has 6-8 weeks to search the packet and reply to the investigation.
So it can take that long, or the request is answered quicker.

Do you offer a refund or reknit before the investigation is finished?
No, because the products are custom knitted. Until the packet is not officially stated as lost, there still is the chance that it is found and delivered.

Please use UPS or Fedex if you need the delivery for a certain date. DHL eco and Post Standard are cheap, but not time definite.

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