Save, duplicate & share a design
Use the "Share design" button to save, duplicate or share a design. This can be done for all products in the Online Designer, not just for sweaters.

To make a copy of a design:

- Click the "Share design" button in the Online Designer at the top right. A link to your design is generated and displayed.

- Click "Copy" to copy the link in the clipboard, or click the link to open it in a new browser window / tab
- A new page with a copy of the design is shown.
- Click on "Edit design", and select size, put the design in the cart.

Repeat the steps to create several copies and put them in the cart. This way, designs with custom names, text or images can be created without having to redo the complete design.

Complete the order in the browser window/tab where all desired designs/sizes are in the cart. Close the other windows/tabs.

The link is valid for at least one month. You can send / share the link to share the design, or save the link and thus the current processing state, to continue editing later.

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