Is a new design needed for each sweater size?
Yes. But you can copy a design to get there quicker.

Create one or several copies with the "Share design" button top right in the Online Designer (Use landscape orientation on mobile device to see the button).

Click on the link displayed, a new tab/window will open. Put the design shown there in the cart. Repeat to get several copies.

Select size
Open the copy in the Online Designer by clicking "Edit design".

Change size of the sweater on the left side.

How does resize affect design?

When a different sweater size is selected, the cut of the sweater and the design are scaled up or down. Depending on the type of design / pattern in the sweater, you may not notice this at all.
E.g. large photos will be re-rendered and look almost the same.

But for symmetrical patterns or very small details, a rescale usually leads to this:
A pixel (and a knitted stitch) cannot be made 10% smaller. Either you have 0 or 1 or 2 pixel, but not 1.1 pixel.
From a distance, the pattern still looks ok. But when zooming in the element in the Online Designer, or going very close in the knitted sweater, you can see that it is not perfect anymore.

Cutting instead of scaling
This effect can be avoided by either putting the element back to 100% size. So  when you choose a different sweater size, the cut of the sweater is scaled up or down by 10%, but you put the elements in it back to 100%.
You can do this at the bottom right of a selected element, there the size is shown, click on it and put it back to 100% size.
But this only works if there are not too many elements in the design, and it will not work for background patterns.

The other way is to cut out all sizes from one "base" size, usually the largest one desired.
So you loose some of the design, because sweater size S is smaller and has less space to design than an XL. But because the elements are not scaled up or down, the design stays pixel perfect.

If you want to have sizes edited this way, create the link to the design with the "Share design" button and send it to us. We will cut out the other sizes and send you the order link(s), or put in the order manually.

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