What types of cliparts are offered?
Add cliparts in the Online Designer with the button "Cliparts" top left.

Choose category on the left, and click the clipart to insert it in the design.

Or search cliparts with the top center search bar.

There are three types of cliparts:

- One color (vector) cliparts, they are added from a category on the left. They have one color, plus a border you can choose thickness and color for. The background is always transparent.

- Multi color (pixel) cliparts from a category on the left. This type is currently available for product type sweater only. The cliparts have 2 to 4 colors, they can be selected and changed directly. When using the same color on several color positions of the clipart, colors are not merged.

- Cliparts from the searchbar (only available there, not in the categories). Blend of both types: these are vector cliparts,  but they are rasterized with each change of size. The cliparts have 1 to 4 colors, that can be selected and changed directly. Large clipart pool to choose from through search.

You can manually edit a clipart, using the draw tool, eraser, color replacer, floodfill.
But after that, you cannot change the size of the element anymore, or add a border along the cutout.

Feel free to decorate your uploaded images with cliparts.
Or decorate your favourite sloth clipart with even more cliparts.

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