Color reduction for knitting
In a jacquard knitted product, 2 to 5 colors can be used. Logos and photos usually have a lot more colors, so the number of colors (and the size of the image) has to be reduced before knitting. This can be done directly in the Online Designer

For knitting, the grid or resolution that can be used is defined for each product. One pixel in the grid can have one color, and becomes one knitted stitch.
Depending on settings and the colors selected for the reduced image, a lot of different results are possible.

Start the Online Designer with desired product, then upload your image or logo.

Select knit colors and make settings in this dialog after uploading an image:

- Click the color buttons on the left to choose colors used for color reduction. Photos work best if you pick a light, a medium and a dark color.
- pixeled / solid: reduction of image either pixeled with dithering, or with mainly solid areas.
- Background: click the button to remove the background automatically. This works good if foreground / background is clearly defined, e.g. when using a portrait photo.
- Image settings: choose a preset, or use the rulers on the right, see how the uploaded image changes when you change settings.

Also important: The size of the image on the product
If scaled larger (or not so small), more pixel / stitches are available to display the image. Scale image up/down to see the difference. Detailed logos or photos should not be made too small, or they might not be recognizable anymore. You cannot change the resolution of the knit product, but use more of the available pixel to display it.

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