Online Designer: align elements
Select the element you want to edit (clipart, uploaded logo, image, text)

The element is selected,  and in the toolbar, the tools are displayed you can use for the element now.

Move the cursor over the align icon (highlighted in green)

The tool expands, click on the alignment that should be used: left, center, right, top botttom.

Symmetrical copy:
Mainly used for football scarves and design scarves, you can copy a logo to the scarf's other end with same distance to scarf edge.

Place a logo on the left side, and align it vertically centered (same distance to top and bottom).

Click the yin-yang Icon (highlighted in green). The element is duplicated, rotated around the scarf center and placed on the other edge.

If you need to edit the logo further, delete the copied version, edit the original and copy it again.

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