Design your beanie online

Design a knit beanie in the Wildemasche Online Designer. See hints and tips for the design and product preview here:

Beanie preview Online

The design is shown in the center of the Online Designer, zoom in or out with (-) und (+) at the top right. Below the zoom at the top right, there is the visualization of the product, which is generated from the design. Click in the visualization to enlarge it.

Because the knit beanie is elastic, the design is stretched. In the visualization / live preview you can estimate how this will affect the ready knitted beanie and you can stretch elements in the other direction to compensate.

Custom beanie front view
On the left is the design, on the right the beanie preview / visualisation of the front side
Custom beanie rear view
On the left is the design, on the right the beanie preview / visualisation of the backside

Click the curved arrow to switch front / rear preview. Text on the rear can be arranged to be readable, therefore has to be made up of two text elements.

Beanie visualization

The visualization / preview is close to the actually knitted beanie, but not exact on the cm. Especially the top may look a little different, because there are seams to close the top. Design elements should not be placed too close to the seams.

The beanie hat is circular knitted and has no vertical seam. But there is an offset when knitting a new line. This offset is not displayed in the visualization / preview. The offset is not visible in the ready knitted beanie when the design has a uni color background, or if the arrangement of the pattern takes the offset into account.

Designing - vertical lines

We recommend to avoid vertical lines or color changes along vertical lines, especially on the forehead. Otherwise the knitted fabric looks very open along this line if stretched. This effect can be avoided when elements are rotated a little, so lines / color changes are inclined and not upright vertical.

Beanie Stretched

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Design your custom beanie at Wildemasche: Knithat made easy with the Online Designer. The beanie is NOT printed, crocheted or embroidered.

100% Acrylic
ca. 22x22cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 22x22cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping