Design your beanie online

Alignment of the beanie template

The template shows the front side of the beanie.

beanie area style

Text in the center of the template will be visible on the forhead of the knitted beanie, like the "SCH" in "Deutschland". The seam is in the neck, in the template on the far left and right side.
The white half circles will be cut off. Elements in there will, too.
Also note that on the top edge and on both sides 2-3 pixel will disappear in the seam and are not visible anymore.

Cuff and contrast line

are NOT part of the design, so you cannot create a design for these parts. But you can choose a solid color for them.

beanie cuff

Cuff and contrast line are added automatically during knitting. You can pick the color: the color of the first pixel bottom left in your design is used for the cuff. The color of the second pixel bottom left for the contrast line.

You can design until the very bottom of the template, no need to leave spacer pixels there. Cuff and contrast line are added beneath in any case.

Visualization / preview

In the shopping cart, you'll see a preview of the designed beanie. In this preview, the left part of the beanie design is displayed.

beanie preview

Style your own beanie at Wildemasche: Easy online designer to create your allover knit beanie hat. Your beanie is not printed, embroidered or crocheted, but knitted. For embroidered snap caps, there are a lot of suppliers. But for allover knit beanies, you have come to the right place.

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100% Acrylic
ca. 25x25cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 25x25cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping