Your custom team scarf

The sharing of same interests, like football or support for the same sports club, demands for a kind of uniform that underlines the important role of the club for the fans. The fan community or fan club tightly sticks together and to many people almost feels like a second family. The appearance as a group is shown through same clothing like the fan club sweater or the custom football scarf.

Official fan club scarf

Official fan shop

Fan shops allow to buy and to produce custom, individually made fan club clothing like sweatshirts, T-Shirts, tricots, scarves, pennants and pins. Furthermore, own flags can be fabricated, which are shown in the stadiums around the world. When fan clubs hold their congregations, everyone can cast a vote on the articels that should be produced and ordered. Some NFL or MLS clubs ask the manufacturers and suppliers for a sample to check the quality and presentation of the logos, text and club emblem or crest that should be printed, knitted or embroidered in the range of merchandise.
The offering includes fan scarves, banners, pennants, pins, cups, capes, hood-jackets (flocked or embroidered), T-Shirts, sweatshirts, silkscarves, lanyards, keyrings, car flags, car scarves, patches, small tricots - just to mention the most important.

Fan scarf & club scarf for your team

Special deals for carnival or end to the season specials complete the offer. Fan scarves undoubtedly play an important role in the field of fan merchandise. The club scarves can be designed individually with logo and fan club name, production starting already from as low as one custom piece. The design can either be created online, or a file with custom design can be emailed to Wildemasche.

After designing the scarf, the official fan club scarf for your team can be ordered online. The text, logo, design will be knitted in the scarf, not printed, weaved or embroidered. The personalized fan club scarf is a huge success for many supporters and fans clubs.

Fan club scarf produced with your fan club name

The design can be configured individually: e.g. on the front the individual fan club name, combined with the text "Official Fan Club". The back contains the name of the club and a football player, a cup or cheering fans. The two sides of the soccer scarf can be designed differently. The club logo can be knitted in on both sides at the end. In most cases, the logo is rotated 90 degrees, so the logo can be seen and can be read correctly on the scarf, when the football scarf is in the neck and the ends are hanging down before the breast.

Item description:

  • Fan scarves: quality scarves, produced in Germany
  • knitted jacquard scarf, with fringes
  • Length approx. 145 cm, width: approx. 17 cm, measured without fringes.
  • Up to 5 colours per scarf
  • Logo, text are knitted, not printed or embroidered
  • Double knit, different designs for front/back without additional charge

The fact that the football scarves can be ordered and manufactured individually with no minimums at all is a real highlight. Thus more and more teams and fan clubs offer these scarves in their own fan shop. There really is a reason that football scarves are the most popular fan merchandise in Europe. Small and large clubs select the sports scarf as top fan item and product for their merchandising. Wildemasche offers complete implementation of the idea from design to the finished product. Individually made fan articles that are affordable, even for small order volumes.

100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping