Custom photo blanket

Photo blanket family
Photoblanket in black, light blue, rose, nature

The custom photo blanket is a great gift for the whole family. Use it as baby blanket, for a cosy evening on the couch, or give it as a present for a baby birth. A blanket is always a great gift idea. Design your custom photo blanket online now.

Design photo blanket now

Custom Knit blanket

Your photo is actually knitted directly into the blanket, not woven or printed. This means the photo resp. the whole design cannot dissolve from the blanket, an effect that sometimes happens to printed blankets or throws. The blanket is made up from the design, knitted stitch for stitch. Now you can design your personal blanket with photos of your loved ones or collages and keep them forever.

Cat photo blanket
Cat photo blanket in black, light grey, dark grey, yellow

Our photo blankets are made of high quality merino wool blend. The design is knitted in the blanket, and you can choose from 15 colors.
At no extra cost, you can add your custom text, like sayings, poems, quotes, motto, or any other text that should be in your design. Thus the blanket is a very personal present or gift with your thoughts knit it.

Make a photo collage for the blanket

Sometimes it is hard to decide which photo to take for such a special gift. When there are just too many good pictures you'd like to put on the blanket, why not make a photo collage blanket. Put all the images of your last holiday, the kids or grandparents in one place. Photo collage blankets keep your memories together all in one place.

Photo collage blanket
Photoblanket with collage in black, royal blue, light blue and white

Blanket beach love
Strickdecke in dark red, light brown, light grey, white

Spread your photos all over the design canvas, or take a single brilliant shot that is displayed really big on the blanket.
Just make sure the photos are not too small. But you can check this during the online design process: the blanket is knitted as displayed in the online designer. So you can easily check if the photos or other design ideas you have come out big enough. Besides, there are no other restrictions for designing the custom knit blanket of your choice.

100% Acrylic
ca. 200x185cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 200x185cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping