Wildemasche offers on-demand knitting service

Wildemasche, a knitwear Online service based in Germany, leading knitwear specialist in the knitwear industry, has further improved its on-demand knitting service offering. The offering takes an eco-friendly digital approach, revolutionizing traditional knitwear manufacturing and allowing designers and brands to produce garments in small quantities and minimize excessive production.

Custom knitting Germany

"At Wildemasche, we have been driving positive change size we started the Online Design offerings in 2003. We constantly look for new ways, namely by using technology, to optimize our production process for a smarter and more sustainable supply chain,” says Jan Dobrowolny, owner of Wildemasche.

“On-demand manufacturing is the way of the future, creating new ways to reduce over production and waste in the fashion industry. We aim to develop the technology further to drive broad adoption of mass customization in knitwear.”

On demand knit production

No clothing is discarded when everything is produced on demand. The on-demand knitting service offering features virtual sampling and simulation technology, allowing designers to visualize their designs and create detailed prototypes with no minimum order quantity. The whole knit jacquard design is done online, creating a single physical sample no earlier than when it is ready to go.

jacquard knit fabric

The production process for single pieces and small amounts takes about 1-2 weeks. So for a piece of knitwear with knit in design, this is truely the new benchmark in the customization market.

All Wildemasche customers can experiment and actually use the Online Designer / on-demand knitting configurator available on its website. Targeted at all audiences interested in knitwear production, the online tool provides flexibility to produce the exact quantity of stock based on the customers needs in a very short period of time, without needing to worry about excess stock or markdowns.

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