Scarf production facts

As a scarf supplier, we give you some additional information about the creation and production of this very popular fashion accessory.

Schal Katze

Knitted scarves and more

The Designscarf is a knitted scarf. Knitting, which for many people is an interesting hobby, is our daily business: the manufacture of knitted scarves of various materials. Primarily, wool or wool blends are processed.

The design

The design for your scarf with your own design can be created online, alternatively you can send a design via email. To knit a custom scarf at a good price, we offer the opportunity to create the design online.
Of course, we can also do the design work for you, and support you with our knowledge and expertise. You may add your own coat of arms or logo to the design, which will then be knitted into your custom scarf.

To help you design your scarf online, there is the online configurator on or With both tools, you can design the pattern for your scarf in the form we need it to knit directly from the generated file. The image is pixel perfect. One pixel in the image will become one knitted stitch in the scarf. That's why it is important to work accuratly, especially when adding custom logos or images in the online designer at

Scarf production process

The design respectively image is converted into a knitting program and loaded into the knitting machine. Modern knitting machines are electronically controlled, and can store knitting patterns as a file. The yarn to be used for the production will be threaded on the machine. The knitting colors can be chosen from a palette with 15 colors. For the Wildemasche scarf, 2 colors at a time out of these 15 colors can be used to knit the scarf. The other type of scarf, the football scarf, can contain up to 5 colors at one time. Please note that the scarves differ in other specifications as well.

Knitting machine for scarf production

The scarves are knitted on modern knitting machines in 12 gauge. Gauge means that 12 knitting needles per inch are used to knit the fabric. The individual stitches or loops are thus smaller, compared to an 8 or 10 gauge machine, so more stitches are knitted per inch.
The "resolution" of the scarf is determined by the knitting machine, not by the size or DPI of the image that should be used for the design. With a 12 gauge machine, detailed logos, crests or logos can be knitted into the fabric.

Schal Mietze Katze

With this modern knitting technology we can provide high quality knitted scarves. The scarves are individually knitted on the machine, so any amount starting from a single piece can be produced with your unique design. Between the knitted pieces, a separator yarn is used, which is pulled out after knitting to separate the single scarves.

The Wildemasche scarves have the custom design on the front side. The design on the back is mirror inverted, the text appears inverted on the back as well. The scarf has no fringes, the edges are fixed, which is made during the knitting process.

Finalize the knitted scarf

After knitting, a few stitches get knotted so that it does not start to run. To have the scarf smooth and wrinkle-free, it is finally ironed on the steam table, folded and packaged. The preparation is complete.

Why a knit scarf

The knit scarf is a classic among the accessories. And it feels very special to have this timeless piece of clothing designed individually according to your wishes. Not only for yourself, but you can also give a custom scarf as a personalized gift to your parents, children, grandparents or loved ones.
A custom scarf, that makes a nice company christmas gift for employees or good customers. In this case, the company logo is often placed small and unobtrusive, so the presentee enjoys the gift and keeps the donor in good memory. On top of that, if the scarf keeps the neck of the recipient warm in freezing winter temperatures, everthings fine!

ca. 175x25cm
100% Wool
ca. 175x25cm
100% Wool
ca. 120x17cm
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