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File format for football scarf design
File typePNG
Number of colorsmaximum 5. Usually images / logos / designs have to be resized first and then color reduced.
Photoshop users: look for keywords "color modes", "color depth" and "indexed colors".
Image dimensionsStandard size: 772 x 84 pixel, kids football scarf 600x72 pixel, large football scarf 1024x84 pixel. The dimensions are for the complete design area. Often, is makes more sense to only upload your own logo, and do the rest online. See hints on that below.
Resolution (DPI)Standard / 72 dpi. When correctly color reduced, there is no resolution anymore. One pixel has one color, which will become one knitted stitch.
Front / backsideYou can create two separate files, but maximum number of colors is 5 in the whole scarf (front + back).
Fringes / tasselsFringes are not part of the design. They are added during knitting automatically.

Please note:

  • PDF or vector files have to be rasterized / converted pixel based files, because the grid / knitting resolution is fixed and cannot be changed. For the same reason, high resolution or very large images DO NOT improve the quality of the design in the scarf, because they have to be scaled down before production.
  • Doing the whole design offline is often not necessary: 90% of scarf designs can be done in the Online Designer, and just important parts like your logo have to be uploaded.
  • Of course there are reasons to do the whole design. When you do so, make sure you use the dimensions given in pixel, NOT the size of the ready made scarf in cm.
    One pixel becomes one knitted stitch. Depending an actual design and number of knitting colors used, the ready size may vary. That's also why the aspect ratio of the file dimensions and the aspect ratio of the knitted scarf in cm is not identical.

What does "color reduced" mean?

Logo for scarf design offline

Obvious colors

This image / logo seems to have 4 colors: background grey, shield white, letters and frame blue, stripes red.

Football scarf logo cropped

Color count

When zooming in, you can see there are more colors, the total is about 6000. These colors come from antialiasing and/or image compression.

Even if the original file was a vector with sharp edges: additional colors emerge when saving as pixel based file, and/or when file is resized.

Maximum of 5 colors can be knitted, so colors have to be reduced to 5.

Football scarf logo reduced

Color reduced

Logo here is reduced to 4 colors: grey, white, red, blue. Grey is in the background and on the edges of the letters, frame and stripes.

If grey should be left out, either reduce to 3 colors instead of 4. Or remove all grey manually with eraser or color replacer.

Pixel to knitted stitch

Football scarf design zoomed in

Pixel in the design

One pixel is highlighted in the color reduced design. Design file width is 84 pixel, scarf width is 84 knitted stitches.

Stitch from pixel in football scarf design

Image to stitch

Image/design in upper half, knitted stitch in the scarf below. Stitches are "V"-shaped, not rectangular.

Pixel / stitch in the ready made scarf

Ready made scarf

Single pixel/stitches make up the whole design. From a distance, single stitches are not identifiable anymore.

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How to upload images / logos in the Online Designer

100% Acrylic
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100% Acrylic
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100% Acrylic
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