Football / soccer scarf: create design offline

File specs for football scarf design

File typePNG
Number of colorsmaximum 5. Use "count colors" function to check, most programmes offer that.
Photoshop users: check Converting color modes, especially "Convert RGB image to indexed color".
Pixel dimensionFor one side of the scarf: Standard size 772 x 84 pixel, Kids size 600x72 pixel, Large 1024x84 pixel
Resolution (DPI)Standard / 72 dpi. When correctly color reduced, one pixel has one color, there is no resolution anymore.
Front / backsideYou can create two separate files, but maximum number of colors is 5 in the whole scarf (front + back).
Fringes / TasselsNo fringes in the design, they are added during knitting automatically.

pixel to stitch

  • Top left: design with 84 pixel width
  • Below: zoomed-in view of the design
  • Below: zoomed-in view of the knitted scarf
  • To the right: knitted scarf
1 pixel in the design (with correct image size in pixel and color reduced) becomes one knitted stitch in the scarf.

Do's and Dont's

  • Vector files, files with huge dpi values or huge file sizes do NOT improve the quality or details of the knitted product. Everything that's larger than the sizes given above has to be resized and pixelized (rendered as bitmap) in order to be knitted.
  • For pixel perfect design, use the pixel dimensions given, NOT the cm dimensions of the ready made scarf. Depending on design and number of colors used, the ready made size of the scarf may vary a few cm. That's also why the aspect ratio of the file dimensions and the aspect ratio in cm of the knitted scarf is not identical.
  • Send your design with email, or upload it as image in the online designer (top left in the Online Designer, click "image" and upload as PNG/JPG).
    If the pixel dimensions are correct, this is recognised by the Online Designer and the design is added without any change in size.
    If size is not correct, the design has to be scaled up or down to fit the canvas, so it is not pixel perfect anymore. How much quality or details are lost depends on the actual design. Some designs might still be ok, other will loose a lot of details.
  • If you are not sure if your file is color reduced correctly, upload the file in the Online Designer and do the color reduction there.
  • Each file that is color reduced should also be worked out manually to get the best result. This pixel perfect final touch can be done in the online designer, zoom in the design to work on the details and use pen, color replacer, floodfill and eraser tool. Click the object you want to edit to select it, then choose the tool and edit.
    Pen tools

    Read more about Online Designer functions and tools in the Online Designer FAQ

100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping