All yarn qualities & colors

Wildemasche products are knitted with the yarns described below, available stock colors per quality are displayed.

Please note colors from different yarn qualities do not necessarily match, e.g. light red in 100% acrylic is not exactly the same color as light red in 100% wool.

100% Acrylic

100% acrylic (short for polyacrylic) is a soft high bulk (HB) yarn. The yarn made from artificial fiber is easy to care and is used as standard quality for football / soccer scarves and other merchandise worldwide. All products at Wildemasche benefit from the large color palette and the easy handling of this yarn quality.

Acrylic yarn colors Wildemasche

oekotex quality seal

Established quality, soft grip, easy to care.

Products offered in this quality:

50% wool / 50% acrylic blend

Icon wool blend Wildemasche

The wool blend made from 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic yarn is good for high quality products that are also easy to care. We have been offering this quality since the start of Wildemasche service in 2003. The yarn is sourced from Italy, the current color palette has 15 colors available.

Wool blend yarn colors

Oekotex 100 quality seal

Good balance between quality and price, easy to care and soft grip.

Products offered in this quality:

100% Merino wool extrafine

Icon wool Wildemasche

Pure new merino wool is our top notch quality. The new wool comes from merino sheep, it is light weighted and provides good isolation. It is elastic, does not itch and is even more soft than the wool/acrylic blend. The yarn is of italian origin, the color palette has currently 7 colors in it.

Wool yarn colors Wildemasche

Oekotex wool quality seal

highest quality, very soft grip, no itching.

Products offered in this quality:

100% Organic cotton

100% cotton yarn is a certified GOTS quality.
This yarn is especially suitable for baby blankets. Cotton can be washed with 40 degrees and also tumble dryed.
Choose from 21 colors in the cotton yarn palette.

Organic cotton yarn colors Wildemasche

gots quality seal

Organic cotton, GOTS certified yarn quality, easy to care and soft grip.

Products made from this quality:

100% cotton fine

100% fine cotton yarn.
This very fine yarn is used in fineknit fabric panels and fineknit sweaters. Cotton can be washed with 40 degrees and also tumble dryed.
Choose from 29 color in the fine cotton color palette.

Fine cotton yarn combed

Oekotex 100 combed cotton

Fine cotton, certified yarn quality, easy to care and soft grip.

Products made from this quality:

Most Wildemasche products can be ordered in several yarn qualities. The football / soccer scarf, the beanie and the sweater are exceptions to this, they are offered in 100% acrylic yarn only. If you want to order one of these products in cotton, merino blend or wool, please contact us.

Combining material and size, there are lots of variations offered. In addition to this, each product and every variation is knitted with your custom design. All products are knitted on demand with no minimum order quantity, from 1 pc already. No setup cost, no hidden charges.

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