What does Wildemasche offer?

Since 2003, we offer knitted products with custom online design. The topseller is the football scarf / soccer scarf. Overmore, we offer fashion scarves, blankets, beanies and triangle scarves. All products are knitted and produced on site in our production plant in Stuttgart / Germany.

How can I design a product?
Choose a product type from the top bar (e.g. football scarf or blanket 2-color). Click "Design online now" to start.

For nearly all product types, several yarn qualities and size are available. Choose yarn and size before starting the Online Designer, so the correct color palette and design file size can be loaded.

Yarn quality and size: click on the product type, scroll down a little, then choose yarn and size, and click "Design online now".

What is the minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order quantity. All products can be designed and ordered from 1 piece with your custom design.

What is the price for a product with my design?
The price depends on product type (e.g. football scarf, blanket, beanie etc) and the order quantity with identical design. The price does not depend on what is in your design (photo, logo, clipart) or the number of letters/words you use.

Quantity discounts start from 2 pcs with identical design already. Put product with any design in the cart and enter desired quantity.

Update cart quantity

Click on the "Update" icon next to the quantity field, price with discount is displayed in the cart.
Overmore, you'll find the button "Scaled prices" on each products detail page.

Are there additional costs?
No, there are no setup or one time costs. The price displayed in the cart is the final product price incl. German VAT. For orders from outside EU or with a EU VAT-ID, price is shown without German VAT as soon as you are logged in with an appropriate address.

What does "knit-in" or "knitted" mean?
The products are made from knitted stitches. The design (text, logo, photo, pattern) is visible because the stitches have different colors. This way, knitted scarves are perfect for large and allover designs. One pixel in the design becomes one knitted stitch in the product.

What about printed or embroidered products?
We do not offer them.
See sample image below for difference between knitting and embroidery: embroidered logo on the left. This level of detail cannot be obtained in a knit-in product. The smallest unit is one knitted stitch.

Embroidery and knitting

How can I use my own design?
Start the Online Designer with desired product-type, and choose from "Designs" the category "Unicolor". On the blank unicolor space, you can upload your own design and place text, cliparts, logos etc.

I have a design from another scarf manufacturer. Can you use this design?
Other scarf providers only do production files when they have a fixed order. Before that, they only do a sketch to check if the layout is ok.

You should design your file in the correct format in the Wildemasche Online Designer. Setting up a standard football scarf design takes less than 5 minutes: choose background pattern and colors, add center text and additional text, add logo/crest on the scarf edges. This file can be knitted directly.

Only thing that might take longer is working out a detailed logo pixel perfect.

While designing online, use the "Share" button in the Online Designer to save your design or share the design with friends.

Video: Create your knit product design in less than 5 minutes

In this video, you'll see how to design a Wildemasche knit product. In the video, this product is a football scarf, but with the Online Designer, all Wildemasche products can be designed (Design scarf, knit blankets, beanies and triangle scarves)

100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping