Custom knit sweater

Create your custom, knit-in graphic design for a sweater. Specs like cut, way of knitting and material are pre-defined.

Choose knit sweater type, and start your design.

regular knit sweater

Regular knit sweater
acrylic yarn

Single piece 69,90 €

Discount from 2 pcs (same design & size)

Sizes S - XXL


Yarn colors acrylic:

Fine knit sweater

Fine knit sweater
cotton yarn

Single piece 84,90 €

Discount from 2 pcs (same design & size)

Sizes S - XXL


Yarn colors cotton:

The difference between regular & fine

Regular knit acrylic christmas sweaters are bestsellers for christmas sweaters all year round. These sweaters offer the perfect balance between knit-look, knit-appeal and the right number of stitches to display custom designs.

The fineknit sweater cotton style in comparison is lighter and thinner than the typical christmas sweater. With smaller knitted stitches, more details can be displayed. Photos and gradients can be displayed with even more details.

Knit sweaters regular and fine

FAQ knit sweater

Either design your sweater in the Online Designer. You can also email your design or create it offline and upload it in the Online Designer.

The design of the sweater is not printed and not embroidered, but knitted it. Many customers may know this from classical sweaters granny made for them as a child. There, the patterns usually were also knitted in, because grandma did not offer any screen printing or embroidery capacities. The pattern gets visible in the sweater by using different yarn colors for each knitted stitch. E.g. the sweater is read, and the stitches of the design (christmas tree, star or reindeer) are white.

We have simplified the process, so you don't have to think about actual knitting when doing a design. You create a graphic design in the Online Designer, or offline e.g. in Photoshop. One pixel in the design is knitted as one stitch in the sweater. This means there is hardly any limit for your design. You can add just anything: text, drawings, cliparts, photos, abstract art, pixel art. Just about anything that can be displayed with 4 colors and in the defined canvas size. Have it knitted in a sweater, no minimum from 1 piece.

No, we don't offer that. The sweater and the specs are defined, this means cut, the material used, and the way of knitting are defined. Within this frame you can do the graphic sweater design freely.

This is due to technical reasons. First the thickness of the yarn has to match the size / thickness the machine resp knitting needle can handle. Thick yarn cannot be processed on machines with fine knitting gauge / knitting needles. The acrylic yarn is too thick to process as fineknit. On the other side, the cotton is too thin for knitting on normal gauge. Overmore, the knit gives different results, depending on material. This is why the cut and the size has to be adjusted to material and way of knitting, and cannot be picked or edited freely.

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