Sweater type: knit or fineknit

Both sweater types can be custom designed and ordered from 1 piece.
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Christmas sweater vs fineknit

Knit sweater acrylic Fine knit sweater cotton
Product images Knit sweater gallery Fineknit sweater gallery
Yarn 100% acrylic, use up to 4 out of 22 colors 100% cotton, use up to 4 out of 22 colors
Fineness / knitting gauge E8, in the ready made product ca. 4 knitted stitches per cm. Good balance between stitch size and display of custom design. E18, in the ready made product ca. 10 knitted stiches per cm. Very small & fine stitches, rather a knitshirt than a sweater, very detailed display of the design
Cut & size for men and women, unisex, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL for men and women, unisex, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
Articel weight size L ca. 360 g ca. 280 g
Usage Most popular as christmas sweater. But design neither has to be ugly nor for christmas only, use as sweater for any occasion, merchandising or personal gift with custom design The high "knit resolution" offers a whole new level of custom jacquard knitwear design. Perfect as knit shirt & light summer knit
Design offline Click here for file format details Click here for file format details

Which option is right for me?

See both types here: left with ca. 4 stitches per cm, right with ca. 10 stitches per cm.

Fine sweater compare gauge

Sweater coarse fine

We offer the E8 christmas sweater since 2017. It is a bestseller around christmas and for customers looking for a christmas sweater all year round. Customer feedback shows it offers a good balance between knitlook, knitappeal and enough detail to display the custom design.

The new fineknit sweater is made from 100% cotton and perfect as lightweight and cool summer knit. Photos, color gradients and small design elements come out even better. Overmore, the delicate cotton is a pleasure to wear.

Design a sweater

Both types can be designed in the Online Designer. You can also email your design or create it offline and upload it in the Online Designer. If you want to do cut & sew fineknit fabric on your own, create a knit panel / custom fabric here. This custom knit jacquard panel can be ordered from 1 piece as well. See samples here.

100% Acrylic
100% Acrylic
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