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Christmas sweater vs fineknit

Regular knit sweater, acrylic yarn Fine knit sweater, cotton yarn
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Regular sweater photos Fineknit sweater photos
Single piece with custom design:
68.90 Euro (incl German VAT)

Single piece with custom design:
84.90 Euro (incl German VAT)

Quantity discount
Discount from 2 pcs with same design & size
Put desired product with any design in the cart, enter quantity & update cart position. Price with discount is displayed in the cart.
The actual design does not affect the price (this means same price, no matter how much text, logos or pattern is in the design)
Knit yarn colors
Yarn colors acrylic
100% acrylic, maximum 4 from 26 colors per sweater
Yarn colors cotton
100% cotton, maximum 4 from 29 colors per sweater

Size & cut
See size table here, sizes S - XXL

Time for production
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FAQ: create several sizes and order in one go

FAQ: save, copy, share designs

Which sweater option should I take?

See both knitsweater types here: left regular acrylic with ca. 4 knitted stitches per cm, right with ca. 10 knitted stitches per cm.

Sweater coarse fine

Fine sweater compare gauge

Regular knit acrylic christmas sweaters are bestsellers for christmas sweaters all year round. These sweaters offer the perfect balance between knit-look, knit-appeal and the right number of stitches to display custom designs.

The fineknit sweater cotton style in comparison is lighter and thinner than the typical christmas sweater. With smaller knitted stitches, more details can be displayed. Photos and gradients can be displayed with even more details.

Design a sweater

Design both types in the Online Designer. You can also email your design or create it offline and upload it in the Online Designer.

Custom fineknit fabric

If you want to do cut & sew fineknit fabric on your own, create a knit panel / custom fabric here. This custom knit jacquard panel can be ordered from 1 piece as well. Or email / add a comment if you need unsewn sweater panels or panels without cut line knitted in. See samples here.

100% Acrylic
100% Acrylic
* incl. tax, plus shipping