Size chart / guide

For knit sweater & fineknit sweater

Size Length Width
S 65 cm / 25.5 inches 50 cm / 20 inches
M 69 cm / 27 inches 54 cm / 21.5 inches
L 73 cm / 28.7 inches 58 cm / 23 inches
XL 77 cm / 30.3 inches 62 cm / 24.5 inches
XXL 81 cm / 32 inches 66 cm / 26 inches

Measure your size:

  1. Take a good fitting sweater, T-shirt or pullover
  2. lay it down flat and measure it
  3. Width: Front side below the sleeves
  4. Length: from top to bottom
  5. Choose the size that comes closest to the dimensions given above.

From online design to knitted sweater / fineknit sweater

Sweater design front

Online Design

Front side of a sample design in 4 colors: yellow, royal blue, light red, navy blue. Design online, or send design with email.
Online designs are in the correct format right from the start. If you are not satisfied with the design: send the design made so far as enquiry in the online designer. Use "Send request" button on the top right in the online designer.

Sweater online designer preview

Live preview

Live preview in the Online Designer shows the design worn. Trimming and seam allowance are included there. Preview is close to final measures, but not exact on the inch.

sweater finish

Knitted sweater

One pixel in the design will turn to one knitted stitch in the sweater / jumper. Cuffs are added automatically when knitted. Pick a color for cuffs and neck band in the online designer.

Please note:

  • Text, logos etc. should have some space to the edge. Check the design with the preview in the online designer. Positioning is not exact on the inch.

  • For body and sleeves, cuffs are added automatically at the bottom. No need to leave extra space there.

  • Knitted sweater is perfect for all sorts of allover designs like patterns, large scale images, tiled cliparts, text, icons, logos. Upload a single image and use the repeat functions provided.

Design sweater now

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