Design custom sweater: FAQ

Select sweater size

Select sweater size

Choose the sweater size in the Online Designer on the top left. Please do so before you start your design.

See size chart here

When changing the sweater size, the design will be resized accordingly.

For designs with small text, fine lines or designs that have been worked out pixel perfect already, details can get lost, go astray or may not be symmetrical anymore when changing the sweater size.

You can prevent / edit this: after changing sweater size, rescale uploaded elements to 100% or desired size. Select the element, % size is shown at the element bottom right. Size in % and pixel is also shown in the online designer bottom left status bar.

Please see details regarding upload of own images, logos etc here:
Uploading photos / logos

You can choose colors that should be used in the overall design, or the colors used for color reduction of your uploaded design / image. Also choose if your upload is a photo or logo ( if the color reduction produces more or less dithering / pixeled results)

Sweater design create copy

Copy design / order design in several sizes

Click "Share design" on the top right in the Online Designer. A link to the current design is displayed.

Open this link (e.g. click on the black arrow next to it on the right) and a new page/tab will be opened with a copy of the design. Click on "Edit design" there, edit the size, and put this copied and edited design in the cart.

Repeat these steps several times to get several copies. This way, also designs with custom names, text or images can be created without having to redo the complete design.

Download design template
Click the "Download" button left below the "Share design" link. You can use this PNG file as template / gridsheet, e.g. if you want to do the design in Photoshop.

Holiday sweater, tiled design

Create ugly christmas / holiday sweater design

Option 1: with random base design

Click on "Designs" on top left. In the window opened, click on the category "Random design", and on "more designs" if needed to generate new designs.

Click a design to select it. Colors can be changed with the color buttons in the top bar of the Online Designer.

Make some space for your customization now: click the "Draw" tool in the tool bar and erase / cover up a row or any other parts of the design. Enter a clipart and resize as needed to cover up a designated area

In this free space, you can now add elements like text, more cliparts, or uploaded content.

You can have those elements tiled in several ways.

Option 2: with blank space

Click below the selection of size on the button "color" and select a color. You can then select if this color should be used for all sweater parts, or the current part only. Click yes to have a blank design.

Now add text, cliparts or uploaded files. Use tile functions to repeat them.

This it the Wildemasche xmas sweater

  • Design custom made from 1 pc
  • Material: warm and soft 100% acrylic.
  • Price for single custom piece: 64,90 Euro, incl. 19% German VAT, plus shipping
  • Discounts starting from 2 pcs with same design already
  • Design online, or send design with email
  • Christmas sweaters made in Germany
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100% Acrylic
100% Acrylic
* incl. tax, plus shipping