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Choose sweater size

Choose the sweater size in the Online Designer on the top left. Please do so before you start your design.

See size chart here

Share sweater design

  • Click the "Share design" button in the Online Designer at the top right. A link to your design is generated and displayed.
  • Open the link: copy & paste the link in a new browser tab, or click the black arrow right next to the link.
  • A new page with a copy of the design is shown.
  • Click on "Edit design", and select size, put the design in the cart.

Repeat the steps to create several copies and put them in the cart.

This way, designs with custom names, text or images can be created without having to redo the complete design.

The link is valid for at least one month. You can send / share the design, or save the current processing state, and continue later.

You can download an empty design or a template design from the Online Designer.

However it is usually easier to upload your elements in the Online Designer and design there. This way the design is in the correct format (correct size and color reduced).

If you are not satisfied with the outcome: send the half done design via the "Send enquiry" button in the Online Designer.

Download sweater design

To download the design: click on "Share design" at the top right, then "Download" left bottom in the pop-up window.

File format details

Scale Sweater size

When changing the sweater size, design elements are also scaled. For designs with small text or thin lines, details can get lost because of this.

You can prevent this in the first place by choosing the sweater size first, and then working out the design in detail.

Overmore, you can scale elements back to 100% size after you have changed the sweater size. Select the element, the size in % is shown at the bottom right of the element. Click the number (in the example "200%"), to return to 100% size.

Also at the bottom left of the Online Designer, the size in pixel and % is displayed.

Colors can be picked at several places in the Online Designer. The overall colors used in the design are shown at the center top of the Online Designer. Changes there affect the whole design and all elements.

For the sweater, maximum 4 colors can be used per design. In the sample here, this is green, white and orange. One color button is empty and can hold color number 4.

Choose sweater colors

  • A color already in use can be replaced: Click the top color button and pick a different color. E.g. click green and choose blue there. All green in the design will be blue now.
  • Remove a color: click on the color button you want to remove, and choose a different color there that is already in use. E.g. click green, and choose orange on that position. All green in the design will be orange now. The two orange buttons are merged to one button, and two buttons are available for other colors.
  • You will get a uni color background when selecting a uni color template design, or with the button "Color" top left below the size selection.

You can uploaded photos or logos via the "Image" button top left in the Online Designer. There is a separate color selection and more options for color reduction.

Sweater color upload

NO MATTER how large, high quality or high resolution your original image is: in order to knit it, it has to be color reduced and resized. Depending on actual colors selected, number of colors and further options the knittable design comes out in very different ways.

You have to pick the colors that should be used for color reduction. (in the example, black, light blue and white are selected, one position is still available. A click on the color button with the "+" selects the 4th color). The colors picked and ticked will be used for color reduction. If the box is unticked, the color is not used for the color reduction of this element, but is still available in the design.

Colors already in use will be replaced by newly selected colors, if 4 colors are in use already. So think about which colors you need in the whole design, to avoid unintended color replacements.

For photos, best results are achieved by choosing a light, a medium and a dark color. e.g. white, red, black. The 4th color can be a shade of grey, or any other color used elsewhere in the design.

For logos, actual logo colors may be very close (e.g. light red and dark red). Color reduction may bring better results, when as a first step color reduction is done with colors that have a better contrast, e.g. black & white. After pasting the logo in the design, black can be replaced with dark red and white with light red.

Option 1: with blank space

Christmas sweater tile design

Click button "color" on the top left below the size selection. You can then select if this color should be used for all sweater parts, or the current part only.

Now add text, cliparts or uploaded files. Use tile functions to repeat them.

Option 2: with random design

Christmassweater random design

Click on "Designs" on top left. In the window opened, click on the category "Random design", and on "more designs" if needed to generate new designs.

Click a design to select it. Colors can be changed with the color buttons in the top bar of the Online Designer.

Make some space for your customization now: click the "Draw" tool in the tool bar and erase / cover up a row or any other parts of the design.
Or enter a clipart and resize it to cover up a designated area

In this free space, you can now add custom elements like text, other cliparts, or uploaded photos. With tile function, you can fill the whole line with the element, or repeat it allover.

100% Acrylic
100% Acrylic
100% Acrylic
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