Design 4-color knit sweater offline

Create your design with a software of your choice. Send us the file with email. Upload files in the online designer will be available soon.

In the first step, you can use any file format you like. In order to knit the design in the next step, we have to put it in the format as described below. This usually means the design has to be resized, color reduced and "pixeled". It does not matter at all which quality level your initial file had (high-res image, vector file, whatever).

For knitting, only the format below is relevant. In this color reduced format then, "1 pixel will become 1 knitted stitch".

Part Design / graphic size Number of colors
Front 340 x 340 pixel up to 4
Back 340 x 340 Pixel up to 4
One sleeve 280 x 280 Pixel up to 4

  • File type: PNG
  • Number of colors: maximum 4 in the whole sweater (Front + back + sleeves). Where and how the colors are distributed does not matter.
  • Resolution: Standard 72 DPI. If the image is color reduced correctly, there is no image resolution anymore. 1 Pixel has 1 color then.
    Photoshop users: check Converting color modes, and "Conversion options for indexed-color images".
  • You can also send a (almost) square JPG in regular size. High res images or vector files DO NOT lead to better quality in the knitted product.
    Write us desired size, we will put the design in the cut and send it for approval.

Christmas sweater design 1

Color reduced design in the right size

Christmas sweater design 2

Design/pattern fitted in the cut. The design is used for the front and back. For sleeves, the design is slightly altered.

Christmas sweater design 3

Ready knitted sweater.

Size chart for 4-color knit sweater

Choose size in the online designer, or send with email.

Size Length Chest
S 65cm (25.5 inches) 100cm (39.5 inches)
M 69cm (27.2 inches) 108cm (42.5 inches)
L 73cm (28.7 inches) 116cm (45.7 inches)
XL 77cm (30.3 inches) 124cm (48.8 inches)
XXL 81cm (31.9 inches) 132cm (52 inches)

* incl. tax, plus shipping