Time for production

Current time for production, depending on product type and quantity:

Football scarves, design scarves, blankets, beanies, fabric panels: 1 to 10 pcs ca. 1-2 weeks, larger quantities ca. 2-3 weeks
Sweaters: 1 to 5 pcs ca. 2 weeks, larger quantities ca. 3 weeks

The production time at the time of order is documented in the order confirmation mail.

When will I receive my order?

  • Overall time until you have the order is production time PLUS shipping time.
  • All production times are estimations, not exact on the day. Orders/payments on a friday or before a public holiday will start to be processed next monday / workday.

Time for shipping

We offer worldwide delivery. Shipping time & cost depend on service you choose and destination country / postcode.

For deliveries outside EU, please note local VAT and/or customs charges may be charged by your local import/tax office, see more details below.

Shipping calculator

Delivery to Non-EU countries (UK, USA, Switzerland, Norway, worldwide)

When you login or enter a Non-EU delivery address, prices in the Wildemasche shop are displayed without 19% German VAT.
But usually you are being charged the local VAT by your local tax authority when importing. E.g. in the UK 20% VAT, or local sales tax in e.g. the US, Norway or Switzerland.

Apart from these duties, carriers (DHL, UPS, Fedex) may charge a handling / clearance fee for deliveries from EU to non-EU countries.

For shipments to the UK, the charge seems to be 1-2% on total value, at least 12 GBP for orders over 135 GBP.

UK summary: for orders exceeding 135 GBP from overseas sellers to UK customers, the 20% VAT is not charged by the seller upfront. The customer pays the import VAT (plus any duties) directly to UK customs or the courier company upon delivery to import the goods into the UK.

More info on importing to UK:

UK business customers may speed up the process when providing UK EORI number.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, duties etc, please ask before placing an order.

How to get your order fast:

  • CHECK YOUR EMAILS. Make sure you receive our emails, order confirmation etc, or we may not be able to start production. If there seems to be no email from us after your order or contact, also check email folders "UNKOWN" or "SPAM" and add us to your address book or whitelist.
  • Give complete delivery address: Name as on the door/bell, correct postcode and street number, company name if delivered to a company.
  • For express deliveries, fill out phone number field, so carrier can contact you if needed.
  • If you have a deadline: enter it in the comment field when ordering, and choose shipping option accordingly.
    Add up production time PLUS transit time. Desired delivery date and shipping option should make sense: the order will NOT be at your place in 12 days, when production takes 2 weeks plus the shipping option says "transit time at least 15 workdays".
    If you need the order for a fixed date, always use UPS or Fedex. Post Standard and DHL are NOT time definite
  • See FAQ on shipping here


Payment icons

Paypal / Credit Card

with or without a Paypal account: pay from your account balance, direct debit or by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Bank transfer / money order

UK and US customers: we have accounts in the UK and US, you can send payments at domestic transfer conditions.

Bank charges for other countries can be expensive. If you want to use money order / bank transfer, check payment costs with your bank before ordering.

Check out Wise.com, they provide fast and cheap worldwide money transfer.

Order confirmation email

After completing your order, an order confirmation email from the shop will be sent out. If you cannot find it in your inbox, please check "Unknown" or "Spam" folder. Please contact us if you don't receive this email within one hour.

It is important that you check the order confirmation and the design attached to it.

Order status

Log into your account at "My account" (top right) and check the order status.

  • Status "Pending": We have received your order
  • Status "Processing": We have received your payment, ordered products are in production.
  • Status "Delivered": Your order has been sent out. Delivery time depends on the shipping option.

In case your order does not appear in the order history, you probably haven't fully completed it. When logged in, check if there are still any items in the shopping cart, and fully complete checkout procedure.

Tracking your order

Check the confirmation email that the order has been sent out, or log in to your customer account. Go to "Order history", if the status of the order is "Shipped", you can click on it to track the order. Depending on delivery option, DHL or UPS shipment tracking will open in a new window.

Orders delivered with "Post Standard E" or "Post Standard W" are only trackable in some countries. For US customers, order is trackable as soon as it enters the US. So the status may be "Origin post is preparing shipment" for some weeks.
If the estimated transport time in business days is over and you have not received the order, please contact us.

German VAT / Local VAT (Value added tax)

EU deliveries
German VAT is charged, unless you provide a valid EU VAT-ID. You can enter EU VAT-ID together with your address IN THE DESIGNATED FIELD. Please make sure the number has no extra blank spaces or non-standard characters in it when entered (e.g. "-"). This may render the number invalid and German VAT will be charged.

Worldwide deliveries / all other countries:

No German VAT is charged. The customs office of your country may levy the local VAT that applies to your country/state when importing the goods.

Price display
As long as you are not logged in to your customer account, prices in the shop are displayed including German VAT. If you provide a delivery address outside EU, or a valid EU VAT-ID number, prices are displayed without German VAT.

Customs tariffs and duties

For deliveries within European Union, no tariffs or customs charges apply.

For deliveries to all other countries:
Customs duties / charges may apply depending on your country. Please email and ask if you have questions regarding this.

Please note for single products, customs office of your country may not charge duties or your local VAT, e.g. if the value is below a minimum limit, or not checked by customs.
When ordering (or re-ordering) larger quantities, customs charges, duties or VAT might be charged. You either have to pay it COD cash on delivery, or you'll get an invoice from the carrier. For orders over 1000 Euro total value, we have to make a customs declaration.

* incl. tax, plus shipping