Choose blanket type

We offer two types of knitted blankets. See product specs here:

Blanket 2-color Blanket 4-color
Number of colors 2 up to 4
Design on backside visible, front side mirror inverted not visible, backside is twilled
Material & size Acrylic, cotton, wool, wool/acrylic blend, 3 sizes per material Acrylic, cotton, wool, wool/acrylic blend, 3 sizes per material
Weight ca. Acrylic: 300 g/m²
Cotton, Wool, Blend: 400 g/m²
Acrylic: 400 g/m²
Cotton, Wool, Blend: 500 g/m²
Softness softer and thinner than 4-color blanket normal, thicker than 2-color blanket

Which type should I choose?

This depends mainly on the design and how many colors are needed. If your design looks good in two colors, we recommend using the 2-color blanket. It is a bit softer and lighter than the 4-color blanket, and the design is visible mirror inverted on the backside.

If more than two colors are necessary to display the design (e.g. for flags), you should choose the 4-color blanket. When using three or four colors, gradients and photos look better. The 4-color blanket is a bit thicker and heavier, because more material goes in it. The custom design is not displayed on the back of the blanket, the backside is twilled.

100% Wool
ca. 150x100cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 100x80cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping