2-color knit blanket design & file specs

Create the design for your 2 color knit blanket with the software of your choice. Send the design with email, or upload the design in the Online Designer as JPG or PNG file.

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File specs

To download a template you can design, start a beanie in the online designer. Click on top right on "Share design", then on "Download".

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Blanket types

You can choose from different materials and sizes. The available yarns are: 100% Merino wool, 100& organic cotton, wool-acrylic-blend, or 100% acrylic.
For each yarn quality you can choose from three different sizes: Standard, Kids and Baby. Find the measurements here: sizes.

If more than two colors are necessary to display the design (e.g. for flags), you should choose the 4-color blanket. When using three or four colors, gradients and photos look better. The 4-color blanket is a bit thicker and heavier, because more material goes in it.


  • Standard (ca. 185 x 150 cm)
  • Kids (ca. 150 x 100 cm)
  • Baby (ca. 100 x 80 cm)

Depending on design and yarn quality, the ready knitted size may vary. That's why the aspect ratio of the design file and the size in cm is not the same. Blankets from 100% polyacrylic come out larger, because the yarn is high bulk. The template / design file has the same number of pixels / knitted stitches, no matter which material you choose.

Weight: 100% acrylic ca. 300 g/m², all others ca. 400 g/m²


The backside of the 2-color blanket cannot be designed. The design from the front is displayed there, but mirror inverted, and the colors are swapped.

Strickdecke 2-color backside
100% Wool
ca. 150x100cm
ca. 185x150cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 100x80cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping