2-color knit blanket: create design offline

Create the design for your 2 color knit blanket with the software of your choice. Send the design with email, or upload the design in the Online Designer as JPG or PNG file.

When designing, you can use any file format in the first step. In order to have the design knitted, it has to be put in the format described below. This usually means that the design / image file has to be resized and color reduced. It does not matter if the original file was a high resolution image or a vector file.

For knitting, it is only relevant how the pixel are arranged in the file format described below. This is pixel to stitch: "1 Pixel = 1 knitted stitch".

Blanket size knitted size Design / file size # of colors
Standard 185 x 150 cm 1200 x 832 Pixel 2
Kids 150 x 100 cm 960 x 550 Pixel 2
Baby 100 x 80 cm 640 x 480 Pxel 2

  • File type: PNG
  • Resolution (DPI): Standard 72 DPI. If the image is color reduced correclty, there is no image resolution anymore. 1 Pixel has 1 color then.
    Photoshop users: check Converting color modes, and "Conversion options for indexed-color images".
  • To create a pixel perfect design, use the pixel size given, not the ready made knitted size in cm.
  • Depending on design and yarn quality, the ready knitted size may vary. That's why the aspect ratio of the design file and the size in cm is not the same.
  • Blankets from 100% polyacrylic come out larger, because the yarn is high bulk. The template / design file has the same number of pixels / knitted stitches, no matter which material you choose.

2bit bild 1

Full color

The image seems to be in two colors: dark grey and white. In fact, the image has 1121 colors, the edges have greyscales in them.

2bit bild 2

Color reduced

This image is color reduced to 2 colors, dark grey and white. The edges look more pixeled and cut-off, because anti-aliasing and color shades were removed. This way, the design can be knitted.

2bit bild 4

Zoomed in with grid

One pixel has one color, this gives one knitted stitch.
In the left peak, extra greyscales are visible. This would not work for a two color blanket, this has to be edited.
The right peak is correctly reduced to two colors. Number of colors AND size need to be correct for a pixel perfect design.

ca. 185x150cm
100% Wool
ca. 150x100cm
ca. 150x100cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping