Custom jacquard fabric samples

NEW: Fine knit fabric panels - no minimums!

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Jacquard fineknit cotton
4-color fabric knitpanel, 100% cotton

Knitted jacquard fabric made to order: this is the dream of every textile designer. Custom made patterns, text, logos, etc, all arranged nicely on a personal design and knitted in the custom fabric.

clock pattern fabric design

Wildemasche as knitwear manufacturer offers knitted scarves, sweaters and beanies, and also jacquard fabrics. These fabrics are not woven or printed, but knitted with designs made online or sent with email.

Knit fabric skull Jac

In order to be knitted, the designs have to be color reduced to 4 colors maximum. In the Online Designer, your can upload your design or parts of it, and have it color reduced, resized, mixed, tiled, add text and much more.

Jacquard knit fabric pattern

The best way to design and order your custom DIY fabric is by creating the design for a custom blanket. The large blankets have a size of 185x150 cm (depending on material).

Elephant knit pattern Jacquard

Discover the possibilities of designing and ordering custom jacquard fabrics with your pattern, text or even photos knitted in. We deliver worldwide direct from the Wildemasche knitfactory in Germany.

100% Acrylic
ca. 200x185cm
ca. 190x155cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping