A knit blanket for Grandma

A knit blanket as an individual gift can make a lot of joy. Here is a brief report on it:

Some time ago, I can knit a blanket for my grandma. My siblings and I are every year again faced with the question, what shall we give our granny birthday or for Christmas. Now time was back on your birthday. My brother suggested that we should buy a knitted scarf, so they warm has it around his neck. I, however, had the idea to make a blanket knit online. We have had many unusual gift ideas for them in the past, but this time it should be something special, so all found the proposal good to be knit a blanket.

Strickdecke für Oma

We thought first of all, with which text and logo we wanted to make the knitplaid. Because there are so many ways to make a blanket: for example, as name, blanket with desirable name, with photo as a photo quilt or pattern. Ultimately, of course, be used from the mentioned options for customizing a combination.

Can you knit a blanket for your Grandma?

The suggestion of my sister made the race, who said we should let knit the text "World's Best Grandma" into the blanket. The found all good, and we were able to proceed with the actual design. We watched on the internet and gave blanket knit blank in the search engine. We actually found only one provider, in which the text or the subject is really knitted into the blanket, and the plaid is not only printed. When printing the personalization may fade in the long or come loose, this variant we did not prefer to use. We agreed on the colors and put the font fixed, with the blanket should be knitted. It was fun to think about how to make the design.

When we were done, we placed the order online to let knit blanket. Few days later, the delivery arrived with the result of our creativity. We were thrilled, it really was a great idea to knit a blanket. The design was implemented exactly, the stitches in the knit blanket corresponded exactly to the template from the image that we had used. As the birthday was then come, we gave our granny's gift and were looking forward to their response. She was overwhelmed and could not believe we did not let that print as a blanket for them, but this was actually knit as in the good old days. The other guests were impressed and congratulated us to the idea to have designed such an individual and personal gift for our grandmother. There is hardly a day when our grandmother not raves about this original gift.

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