Personalized blanket with name

Design an individual photo blanket with name on it at Wildemasche. This makes a very nice present, for example as a baby blanket with the baby's name, as a blanket for the baby buggy, or as a play rug. The blankets are not made of fleece, but they are woollen blankets knitted from top-quality wool blend.

Many customers are not sure what exactly to look for in a blanket. A fluffy blanket should be made from high quality material. Hence, the only type of yarn that is used for Wildemasche's personalized blankets is Ökotex standard 100 material. This makes the beloved blanket especially soft, warm, and cosy.

blanket with name David Heidi name blanket

Order personalized blanket directly

You can order the blanket, with a name or a photo on it, directly in the online shop, after you have drafted a sketch with the online designer. You can also choose the colours of the wool blend for your personalized blanket from a range of 15 different colours. Any possible pattern can be knitted, there are (almost) no limits to your imagination.

blanket with name and date of birth

A great gift, not only for your partner, but also for example:

  • as a christening gift
  • a birthday present
  • a Christmas present
  • a name day present
  • or as a personalized blanket with photo and name on it

You will find such customized knitted blankets only at Wildemasche. While the blankets are not hand knitted, they can still be adjusted to your wishes in every possible way, bearing a persons name, photo, picture, or a customized text. This way a distinctive, unique item is created, without the need to take up knitting for yourself.

You can use any artwork you like, for example you can upload your own images, photos, or patterns. You can also specify further information with the online designer, like

  • name
  • day of birth
  • place of birth
  • weight
  • height
kids blanket with clipart

Using the whole surface for your design

Not only a small corner, but the whole surface of the personalized blanket can be used for your design, without limitations. Images and texts may cover the whole blanket, which thus is fashioned exactly in accordance with your wishes. The name of your child, or other text, is not weaved into the blanket, but knitted loop by loop. That way, the cuddly blanket becomes a unique memento.

Each blanket is completely crafted and knitted at the Wildemasche plant in Germany. You can chose letters of any size, various fonts and formats are also possible and not a problem. You can find the prizes for personalized blankets in the information box to the left. The prize does not depend on the number of letters or images used, because the text is not embroidered, but knitted into the blanket. So no need to worry about too many letters in the design, the prize is for the whole design, no matter how many elements are in there. After you have finished your custom design, you can order the personalized blanket directly in the online shop.

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