Custom knit jacquard fabric

We offer knit panels / knitted fabric in various gauges and weights.
The production with custom design is possible from 1 pc for fabric / panels, if the size and specs are already defined for other articles we offer.

Take the blankets as and example. You can design use a blanket as blanket. Or you ca cut it in smaller pieces, and sew something different from it. If the layout of the design is done right, you can cut out 4 - 6 pillow covers and sewn them as desired. On each pillow cover you can have custom text or design.

The products offered and this way also the jacquard knits they are made from have different gauges and weights:

  • Knit blankets:
    The rather heavy quality (depending on material 300-500 g/m²) is used as furnishing fabric and jacquard knit for drapery, pillow covers and cases, throws, bags, seat cover, jackets and coats.
  • Christmas stockings:
    The knit panel is a little lighter than the blanket fabric, and it can be designed with up to 6 colors. This jacquard fabric is best for DIY sewing pillow covers, small apparel accessory, bags, knit portrait or wall hanging.
  • Fine knit panel:
    The finest and lightest option is the fine knit panel from our 18 gauge machines. This options is available directly as knit panel, this means we don't have to alter an existing product. From this fine knit fabric, you can cut out create your own tops, shirts, dresses or skirts.

All fabrics and products are knitted, not printed or embroidered.

If you have any questions regarding product, design or production details, please contact us.

Did you know: with knitted blankets from Wildemasche, you can have fabric knitted with your custom design, and use it as knit fabric for fashion, homewear, furnishing projects.

Jacquard knitted fabric with twill back
4-color blanket, Jacquard knitted with twilled backside

Yarns for jacquard knits

Choose yarn & size to design a blanket with your pattern.

We currently offer these yarn qualities:

  • Wool/acrylic blend
  • 100% cotton
  • 100% wool
  • 100% acrylic

Upload your design to create your own blanket. Use the tile / allover tool to repeat your pattern or uploaded file allover the whole blanket.

Custom fine knitted fabric for fashion, homewear, furnishing.

4-color fabric design bird, Jacquard knitted
4-color fabric design bird, Jacquard knitted

100% Acrylic
ca. 150x100cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 200x185cm
100% Wool
ca. 150x100cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping