Custom knitted christmas stockings from 1pc

Design your custom christmas season stockings online. See some hints for the Online Designer here:

Stocking Online Designer

In the center of the Online Designer, the design is displayed. Top right is the visualisation of your design, it is rendered directly out of the design you make.
To work out details, you can zoom in or out with (-) und (+). In the sample image, the zoom is set to 200%.

The stocking is knitted as square knitpiece. Then the form of the stocking is cut out, front and backside are sewn together then. So some pixel / stitches go in the seam and are not visible anymore. This is considered in the visualisation. So don't place elements too close to the left, right or lower edges.

You can copy elements and the background pattern from front to backside. Switch to the backside (top left button) and there select "Apply background from other side" or "Copy elements from other side here".


  • The visualisation / preview dispalys the design in a realistic manner, but is not exact on the cm.
  • Elements should not be placed too close to the edge, some pixel / stitches are needed for the seam.
  • The upper edge is exact, a solid border is knitted there. There is no need to leave a extra space there.

Cuff / border color and hanger

The color of the hanger and the cuff/border at the upper edge can be picked in the Online Designer (right side below the visualisation). You can also choose a color that is not used in the design at all. In this case, this colors runs in the back through the whole knit piece. Usually it makes sense to select a color that is used in the design already.

Design file size

You can design the stoicking with your local software as well. The whole file vor front and back of the stocking is 430 pixel wide and 340 high. For one side, it is 215 x 340 pixel. From this total size, the clippings have to be deducted.

You can download the cut of the stocking: start a design with the Online Designer, click "Share design" button top right, and then "Download".

Question regarding design, order or delivery?

Email us, and see FAQ here

Christmas stockings made to order: knitted christmas decoration from Wildemasche with no minimum order quantity. Not printed, not embroidered. Your custom design is knitted in allover the stocking, front and back.

Who makes custom Christmas stockings? At Wildemasche, you can design your own customized Christmas stockings. This way, you will have one-of-a-kind decorations to display every year. Custom designed stocking are sure to make the season extra special.

100% Acrylic
ca. 50x30cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 50x30cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping