Design a knitted sweater

Start designing your own custom sweater with text and own design. Only from Wildemasche. The sweater's custom design is not printed or embroidered, but actually knitted in.

Sweater Online Designer

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For your design, you can use patterns, cliparts, images. Choose from templates and personalize them further. Or design the sweater from scratch with your very own custom design. Frontside, backside and arms can all have individual designs made by you.

Everything's knitted

A knit sweater with your text is just one option, there are many, many more. The custom text can cover the whole surface of the product, either as repeating pattern or as add-on to your photos, cliparts and other elements that make up your own design. Everything is knitted in the sweater stitch by stitch. Printing on ready made sweaters is so yesterday, turn to the next big thing and have your sweater knitted!

This custom piece is a perfect christmas gift with name for loved ones, even if you are not into knitting at all. Personal ugly or not christmas sweaters from Germany are just perfect for this year's season. Knit in with custom design.

Take them for your christmas outfit, as sweater for your team or group of people or team sweater. Fits perfect those cold, rainy and snowy days of autumn or winter, this knit style of yours.

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Sweater designer

Design your sweater online or offline. Work out your best ideas for christmas or any other occasion in this knitted garment and order online today.

You can choose & design

  • Fronside, backside, arm left, arm right
  • The color of the cuffs
  • Choose 4 knit color from total of 26 colors in the yarn palette
  • Choose size S, M, L, XL, XXL

What you cannot choose / design

  • the cut the custom sweater is made of
  • the gauge of the knitted fabric
  • material is currently 100% acrylic only.

Personalized knit sweaters for every occasion

This is the personalized knit sweater that is custom made for every occasion, just right for your knitted needs. Wear is as your everyday basic knit piece, christmas sweater or fashion piece. And design it with the Online Designer from Wildemasche Germany.

Christmas sweaters can be designed in no time online, this is the trend for the christmas 2018 season. Personal ugly christmas jumper without the hassle of learning to knit. Try the online configurator to design your item at home and order in time for christmas.

knit jumper configurator

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