Tracking: "Pre-shipment" or no new status for long time
Why do "DHL eco" and "Post Standard" deliveries take so long?

Currently, "DHL eco" or "Post Standard" deliveries are routed by DHL/Post via seafreight. Once aboard a ship, there is no new status for several weeks.

Although the shipment is on its way, the tracking may show for weeks

- either Status "Pre-Shipment, Origin Post is Preparing Shipment"
- or the last scan from a parcel center in Germany

A new status will be shown when the shipment arrives in the destination country and the receiving Post company  scans it (US Postal Service, Canada Post etc).

As the overall transit time is AT LEAST 25 workdays for "DHL eco" or "Post Standard", it is not unusual that there is no new status for e.g. 4 weeks (counted from time of dispatch, not from time order was placed)
25 workdays (no saturdays or sundays counted) translate to about 6 to 7 weeks of transit.

You can check the tracking number also at 
This website aggregates tracking info from several carriers, and sometimes can provide more info this way.

In general, tracking for oversea deliveries with "DHL eco" or "Post Standard" are only basic.
So even when the packet is e.g. in the US Postal system and on its way through the US, there is not a new status every day or real time tracking.

If you need faster delivery and better tracking, choose UPS or Fedex.

- Once the order is sent out, shipping option cannot be changed anymore. -

"DHL eco" and "Post Standard"  shipments are cheaper, but also much slower, have a higher risk of delay or loss, and if delayed or lost, it takes much longer to investigate / find them / get a refund.
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