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Design your product

Don't worry about this little interruption of your will to design. The product overview is just one click away.

Design your custom knitwear piece at Wildemasche
Try a custom football scarf, soccer scarf or rugby scarf. Or get in touch with the design scarf, the fashion scarf with reversible design feature.
But thats not all, get your custom knit beanie at Wildemasche, and knitted 2-color or 4-color blankets of course. Perfect to put custom names on it, as photo blanket or as a memorial plaid.

Choose desired article and options offered for it. Available options are the material the product is knitted from, and the size. The newly launched Wildemasche shop now offers almost all products in 100% acrylic, 100% merino wool extra fine and 50/50 merinowool acrylic blend. So you too should find the perfect product to put your design on.

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