Design a custom christmas sweater online

This season, it is time to design your „Do it Yourself“ ugly christmas sweater online. Wildemasche knits and sews your single custom piece.

No minimum quantity, your bespoke design made to order from 1pc already. Design a custom sweater online, and have it knitted your way.

Design christmas sweater now

Christmas jumper green

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you to wear knitted sweaters. Not just any sweater, make it special and make it custom. The design is up to you, choose any knitted design you want to wear for christmas.

Ugly or nice, it's your choice, from 1 piece already. Wildemasche provides the ultimate knitted answer to the christmas sweater question: how do I make my own DIY christmas sweater?

Start a sweater design and choose your size. The online designer gives has all the options for a christmas in style sweater: patterns, tiles, ornaments, snowflakes, christmas colors, knobs & bells, trees & reindeers and all that, you name it. And of course your own text, photos etc

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly, and maybe bad taste custom made sweaters are a must-have every christmas season. Choose be a customized girl or boy who wears season knitwear, and design it online.

knit sweater cuffs

Movies like "Bridget Jones" or "Santa Clause" made the sweaters popular. Those designs had lots of elks, moose, Rudolph, Red-Nosed Reindeers and scandinavian patterns in them.

With your design and some production magic from Wildemasche, you now can have your online designed custom ugly christmas sweater. Make your order in November, to avoid the extra cost of international express shipping, and you will have it in time for christmas.
Gather round the christmas tree with this perfectly custom knitted outfit, or give it as a gift to a loved one.

Design christmas sweater

Your christmas sweater Germany

Find more samples of knitted xmas sweaters on this website. The Online Designer tool is perfect for creating customized sweater designs. Start your own design, and check out the preview that shown you how your model will look when worn on christmas. Or email us and send us your design idea as JPG or PNG file.

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