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Not everyone wearing knitted sweaters likes to knit them. So it actually suits quite good you found this page here. Because at Wildemasche, you can design and order sweaters online.

Design a knit sweater now

knitsweater custom made

The next generation on demand production: Wildemasche knits your custom sweater for Christmas, Halloween or fashion party, Simply start the online designer and design your own sweater. All parts of the knitwear can be designed, front, back and both arms.

cut for sweater

The perfect knitted gift, single custom piece made to order, unique designer piece, small batch or of course any other quantity. Choose from 5 sizes S to XXL and design your dream sweater. Make it yours with classic design elements, text, names, photos etc. The design is knitted in the sweater, not printed or embroidered.

Choose colors

The sweater is knitted from 100% acrylic yarn. The gives a soft grip, a large color palette in bright colors to choose from.
Available colors are black, dark grey light grey, white, camel, bronze, dark brown, maroon, dark red, light red, orange, golden yellow, yellow, green, dark green, navy blue, royal blue, light blue, dark violet, light violet, pink and rose.

Custom sweater, not knitted by your grannie

To have your sweater knitted, browse through the templates in the online designer, choose a randomly generated design or upload your own template for custom knit design. And upload image or logo can be repeated / tiled in various ways allover the whole surface of the product (Front, back, both arms).

sweater cuffs

After you send the order for your custom knit sweater, it is produced near Stuttgart, Germany completly, and usually sent out within 2 weeks. Custom knit in Germany, worldwide delivery. The sweater is knitted, stitch by stitch, not printed or embroidered.

Thank to defined product specs, ways of knitting and defined yarn colors, we are able to knit custom design from 1pc already according to your design. The personal sweater from Wildemasche.

  • Knit-sweater with your design knitted in
  • Choose from palette with 26 colors, maximum 4 colors per sweater
  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Rib knit cuffs
  • Custom design can be used allover in the whole garment
  • Perfect custom gift, single custom piece, on demand sample or small batch production
  • For ladies and gentlemen, unisex cut, please check size chart before designing/ordering

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