Custom Pet Christmas Sweater

Put your dog, cat or any other pet on your ugly christmas sweater this year. Customize sweaters with your pets face on it. Great gift idea for yourself or loved ones showing off the number one pet in the world.

Custom dog sweater photo

Be part of ugly Christmas sweater community wearing unique knitwear for festive events. Custom pet ugly christmas sweaters feature a comfortable fit and are knitted allover with your design, so lots of fun guaranteed for your holiday party.

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Your dog on your christmas sweater

This may be the pet most requested to be put on a sweater, so the perfect match for every dog lover. Dog christmas sweaters can be created with a single large image of your dog, and either smaller images in the back, or tiled lines of accessoires, like bones, the leash you are using, or dogs toys your pet likes to play with. This is the most unique sweater you will get, the allover knitted pet sweater.

Custom dog sweater

Either use a photo of your dog, or a styled version, that looks more like a drawing of your pet. No matter which version you choose, you will get a sweater you want everyone to see.

Buy custom Wildemasche pet christmas sweaters

A lot of people ask: where to buy custom pet christmas sweaters. If you are also looking for this kind of "ugly" sweater, you have come to the right place. Because knitted sweaters at Wildemasche not only can have a large photo of your furry pet on the front or back. You can have basically any sort of patterns, photos, cliparts allover the sweater. Yes, also in and on the sleeves. If you have pets and want to show them, make it a pet sweater. If you are into another hobby or thing: everything can be knitted. Just don't make the elements too small, then all is fine.

We don't mean print or prints that pretend to look like knitwear. The sweater and the design are actually knitted all the way.

Custom sweater detail

Wildemasche is working to bring you the best seasonal festive knitwear and gifting ideas, making them easily available with the Online Designer and simple online ordering. Start the Online Designer and create your custom knit sweater in no time. This season you can win the ugly sweater contest, with the gaudiest, tackiest, and ugliest of sweaters you can think of. And yes, this is the place to create the ugly holiday sweater of your dreams. Rest assured you will stand out from the crowd with this one of a kind personalized knitted piece.

Cat themed christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are knitted complete with your xmas design. Upload a photo of your pet, so a plotting or confused cat will find its way in an ugly sweater. Furry friends christmas presents for mom, dad and grandma. They will love their gifts and wear them proudly. Get creative and personalize your very own cat-themed christmas sweater for the holiday season.

Plotting cat sweater

Regular knit or fine knit

At Wildemasche, find regular knit sweaters in acrylic, or fine knit sweater in cotton. If you are rather into thinner and finer knitwear, the custom fine knit sweater may suit you just right. Although not the typical christmas sweater, but more a christmas shirt, you can design allover oin the same way, with pets, christmas cliparts or any other design or pattern.

Fine knit cat sweater

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