Custom knit sweater manufacturer

Looking for someone to knit your custom sweater?

Design and order sweaters directly from the #1 knit manufacturer. We knit your custom sweater with no minimum order quantity, from one single piece already. Design is knitted in, stitch by stitch, not printed or emroidered.

Sweater Tsunami

Knitting a sweater by hand can be hard, so stop the hassle with needles, stitches and all that, and have your knit apparel manufactured in good old Germany. For many years now, we are the leading supplier of custom made internet knitwear with no minimum order restriction.

Design sweater now

As a knitwear manufacturer for several decades, and online knitting service provider since 2003, we offer production within days or weeks, not months, for custom designed pieces: sweaters, jumpers, scarves, beanies, blankets etc.

Gameboy Sweater

We deliver worldwide, with express production and express delivery services available in the online order process. Design online or upload your bespoke sweater design, choose shipping option and complete the order in the shop. That's knitwear in the 21st century. Designs are knitted from 1 piece already, on industrial knitting machines delivering quantity and quality.

Red rooster sweater

  • You have a wholesale business, but still want to offer small lots?
  • You are a retailer, but are unsure about how much you can sell of a new knitwear design sweater or scarf?
  • You are a designer or just like designing knitwear as a hobby, but don't have any production capacity at hand or not experience in sourcing knitwear?

Try it out at minimum risk and minimum cost. From 1 pc already, have a custom piece with bespoke design produced in the Wildemasche knit factory.

knit sweater Jägermeister

How about bringing your line of ugly christmas sweaters to life in the upcoming season? Focus on the designs and create them whereever you want - at home or on the road. We take care of the knitting and bring your ideas to life. You got some nice patterns for a custom blanket of scarf, and want to have it translated into knitwear? Look no further, start your design online or contact us for details on how to make your own custom design.

Custom knit sweater manufacturer

Tired of searching high and low for that perfect custom knit sweater? Well, look no further! We're the masterminds behind the needles, the wizards of wool - the ultimate custom knit sweater manufacturer you've been dreaming of! Whether you want a sweater with your face knitted on it or a design that screams "I'm stylish and I know it," we've got you covered. Our team of knitting gurus will weave their magic to bring your wildest sweater fantasies to life. So, why settle for off-the-rack when you can have a masterpiece tailored just for you? Get ready to turn heads and rock your one-of-a-kind knit creation like the fashion icon you truly are!

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