Knitted timeless classic

knitted fabrics are timeless and are always in fashion. Made of high quality materials, these can combine beautifully and are comfortable to wear. Especially during the cold season knitwear can be seen everywhere. The accessory that everyone knows and many carry are knitting scarves. Since it makes sense to give to the knitted neck warmer a personal touch, and to let this refining its own text or image. Thus individualized scarves are an alternative to printed TShirts and Sweatshirts in autumn and winter. In other words, the perfect customized garment in frost, snow and ice


Finishing made easy

You can leave refine many articles with desirable name, design, logo or script. Most people, the traditional processing techniques, such as embroidery and printing Here come first to mind. Embroidery or printing is usually an inexpensive alternative dar.

Custom knit scarf, however, is a very special, elegant shawl. By knitting in the type of finishing is such a unique piece from the knitted scarf. The desired design can be incorporated as directly into the fabric, and offers the configurability of the total area of ​​great ways your logo, a logo or a slogan to present individually. With a scarf as a promotional item thus the possibility of shaping the entire area opens up completely new possibilities for personalization. Customers appreciate this flexibility in the design, since the compensating refers not only to a small area, but customer-specific design is reflected throughout the product.

textile finishing: Knitted scarves with knitted motifs refine

finishing technique is not the printing or embroidery, but the knitting of the motif or logo in the scarf. The sound design, you can even design it to your liking, with the best designer scarf online. There you can make the design, or even send designs via email. The suggestions and ideas will be realized by our designers according to your specifications.

Online Scarves refine

individuals, but also many small and big companies know this form of advertising to use for themselves. Here, the company logo will be integrated in the design and actually knit stitch for stitch in the scarf. Thus, the subject remains even after extensive wear and use. Washing is also not a problem, the subject may not like bleach to flock or flex print or faded, but remain by the knitting in a long time.

An individual knit scarf is a great gift idea as promotional items for customers. The scarves can be ordered inexpensive not only in large quantities, but also for small companies and associations including individual finishing. For us as a provider with its own production, the manufacture of knitted scarves made exclusively for us in the house. Production in Germany, it allows you to respond quickly to customer requests for knitted scarf production.

The delivery time varies depending on the amount of short term to clear: so you can keep your individual knitting scarf as an individual item within a few days in hands. For larger quantities, it is usually about two weeks. Before Christmas, the production can take a little longer, it is recommended here, if the scarves are especially needed in the short term, advance to clarify the feasibility of us.

Knitted Scarf: get your personal piece

important in the design is that the one your subject comes out beautifully: it should not be too small, otherwise no more details are visible. But it should not be designed to also great as it might otherwise makes no more beautiful overall impression. In addition, anyone who has received the knit scarf as a gift, be less inclined to take this even if in the design and arrangement of the logo does not judge a little restraint. The design should be so appealing that the finished scarf is actually borne by the recipient. As a supplier we are available for questions with advice and assistance. Possibly. is also another variant for finishing in question.

The order of the desired product then goes easy on the scarf online shop, where you no longer need then long to think about how you will be refining the product. You can directly enter the number of items in your shopping cart and order the online self-designed scarf. Have fun with the design and while wearing your individual piece

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