Scarf comparison

The scarf has been a popular garment in the 17th century, and it has not changed much to this day. There are scarves with chunky knits and fine knit, made of thick wool or thin threads, as a special accessory in playful designs with applications, fringe, sequins, hole patterns or knitted beads and in many other variations.

Knit scarf Gerhard

A knitted scarf for women and for men can come in an infinite number of designs, but there are always fashion phenomena or glitches that make certain scarves particularly popular. Each winter, yu will find different trends. Compared to foulards or other types of silk scarves, the knitted scarf is more beautiful and comes in a more natural way of design.

Many designs and colors

The scarf is as diverse as its carrier, and so you can find it in a rainbow of colors, like red, green, white, blue, beige, pink, purple, yellow, orange and in all sorts of mixed tones. Colorful scarves have stripes, dots, flowers, diamonds, figure patterns or simply knitting patterns.

pattern Knit scarf Gerhard

Whether left or right stitches, knit smooth or ribbed appearance in which each carrier is always up to you. Men wearing it may say "Anything goes", and the longer a scarf, the more beautiful the ladies find it. Depending on knitting it is fluffier and warmer, or more lighter and suitable for autumn or spring.

100% Wool
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