The history of jacquard scarves

The football scarf is knitted in jacquard technique. At the beginning of the 19th century, a french weaver called Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented a technique to weave complicated patterns in an automated way. The principle of Monsieur Jacquard was transfered to knitting. That's how complicated patterns can be knitted easily nowadays.

Custom scarf production Jacquard fanscarf

Football scarf design

You can design your scarf online or send the design with email. In order to produce a football scarf at a good price, you can create the scarf design online.
Wildemasche can do the scarf design for you as well, and can provide hints and tipps. A custom logo or badge can be knitted in.

Alternatively, you can use the online designer to create your scarf design. According to the pixel perfect pattern, the football scarf will be knitted. One pixel in the image becomes one knitted stitch in the scarf.

How a football scarf is produced

The design resp. the image is converted to a knitting program and loaded in the knitting machine. The yarn is mounted on the knitting machine. The yarn colors can be chosen from a palette of 22 colors. As the yarn is already dyed, please choose from our color palette.
Find all yarn qualities and color palettes on this page here.

Scarf production on modern knitting machines

The soccer scarf / football scarves are knitted on 12 gauge knitting machines. 12 gauge means there are 12 needle per inch, so this is the resolution of the knitwear, similar to DPI for printing. Compared to an 8 gauge or 10 gauge, more stitches per inch can be knitted, so the stitches are smaller. Thus more details can be displayed. Team logos, photos or other designs can be knitted very detailed this way.

knitting machine

Wildemasche produces high quality soccer scarves for all customers worldwide. Any amount starting from 1 piece is possible, no minimum order quantity. Scarves are manufactured with your customized design or text. The front and backside of the scarf is knitted together, the piece is sewn together after the knitting process.
The fringes are not made in an extra step, but knitted together with the scarf on the knitting machine.

In case you should run out of scarf ideas, try the online scarf machine to create custom designs and scarf patterns in no time!

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