Online Photo Gifts

Do you like to design photo gifts for your loved ones? Sadly, you cannot manufacture all ideas and products on your own. But a lot of gift ideas can be customized or personalized, and thus be designed individually. Photo gifts are a winner: what can be more personal than having your photo on a present or gift, so you give something really unique?

Decke für Oma mit Kind
Photo blanket: nature, royal blue, dark grey, black

There are many ways to personalize a product or gift. The method that is probably best known is printing text or a custom design on Tshirts, mugs, sweaters or photo books. Little known is the fact that a custom printed blanket can also be a great gift. Besides that, printing scarves can also give unique results.

How long does a photo print last?

One of the main disadvantages of printed merchandise items is, that the print has only a limited time to live. Depending on the actual personalized product, and the printing method (screenprint, flexo printing, photo print), the design may fade out or loose color after it has been washed or cleaned a few times.

Don't print it - knit it!

In order to keep the good quality of a personalized item as long as possible, and does not fade out with time, we recommend to knit in the design for photo blankets or photo scarves. Of course, not every product can be knitted, for a mug or tshirt, that's certainly not possible. But when designing a custom scarf or a custom blanket, to knit in the design is the perfect way of gaining a long lasting personalized gift or present.

Geschenk Decke Motorrad
Photo gift plaid: yellow, light grey, dark grey black

The knitted photo blanket can be designed in many variations. Overmore, the entire surface of these products can be designed. When printing or having a design stitched / embroidered, there often is a limitation that only a certain area can be customized. Not with knit in products: allover patterns, repeated text or a phto collage can fill the whole blanket or scarf. This makes a knitted product a very special photo gift.

In order to get the personal present in time, production is handled in a very efficient manner. It only takes about one week to have your personal blanket knitted. Depending on country and service of delivery you choose, this makes it possible to even give a personal scarf or blanket as a "last minute" present.

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