FAQ: Wildemasche knit fabric

What kind of fabric is this?

It is a 4 color jacquard knit fabric. Fine knit in gauge E18, so it has 18 stitches per inch.

The design is visible in the fabric because the stitches are knitted in different colors. One pixel in the design becomes one knitted stitch in the fabric.

knit fabric not printed

What are the DIY knit panel details?

The fabric panel has a fixed height and width, which is ca. 155x80cm. You cannot order by the yard, but by number of pieces in this size.

The panel has a solid border / cuff at the bottom. The borders / edges on the left, right and top are not solid. They have to be sewn, or have something applied to them, or they will run open.

cotton fabric cuff

The threads on the left are due to production, then there is a spacer in light blue, then the actual design starts.

The cuff at the bottom is unicolor, in the sample it is unicolor white. The design above is jacquard knitted, the other colors used in the design lay behind the white. That is why the white there has a color cast of the other colors (sand, light blue and dark blue).

How can I design fabric at Wildemasche?

Design fabric now

Click the link to get to the fabric main page. There you find all info regarding the product, and you can start the Online Designer.

Upload images, designs, tiles, logos etc in the Online Designer. Then order the designed piece online, it is knitted with no minimum from 1 pc already with your custom design.

Hints for uploading images/logos

Please note: when you follow the link, features of the Online Designer are explained with a football scarf. Wildemasche knits and offers a lot of things, but the main principle is the same for every product: the design is knitted in, it has to be adapted for that.

You can also send your design or parts of it (pattern, logo, image, tile etc) with email.

What is the minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order. All products are made from 1 custom piece with your design.
Are there variations of the knitted fabric?

For single pcs and small amounts, we offer one option: Panel size ca. 155x80cm, 100% cotton.

For quantities of 60pcs / 50 meters or more, production by the yard resp. meter is possible. Please send enquiry with email.

What are the limitations of the fabric?

Each item is knitted and processed as single piece. The design can be done freely, you can choose from a color palette with 29 colors, giving over 400 color combinations. Because of this complete freedom of design, not every piece comes out exactly the same.

  • Depending on design and color distribution, deviation in size and weight are possible
  • One pixel in the design becomes one knitted stitch in the fabric. Due to the jacquard knit, and because knitted stitches are not squarish like pixel, there is a distortion of about 25% between design and knit. This can be compensated by stretching the design left/right, or by compressing it up/down. In the visualisation of the fabric in the Online Designer, the effect is shown.
    If you e.g. need your design to have perfect circles in any case, printed fabric may be a better choice for you.
  • Alignment when steaming might also not be perfectly accurate. This may not stand out for small tiled patterns, but rather for patterns with stripes going over the total width or length.

If in doubt, email us before you order, or order only a single piece for testing before going to larger quantities. You can use the "Send enquiry" or "Share design" button (only desktop version) at the top right of the Online Designer to send the current state of your design in progress.

How much does fabric with my design cost?

Specs and prices for custom knit fabric panel

Price depends on order quantity with identical design. Price does NOT depend on number of logos, text length or cliparts used.

Prices are shown

  • in the Online Designer on top right (on mobile devices, use landscape orientation).
  • in the shopping cart / basket, after adding your design in there. Enter desired quantity, and click the "update" icon to the right
  • on the product page, along with all other product details

What about quantity / volume discounts?

Discounts start from 2 products with identical design. Prices and discounts are displayed in the top right of the online desiger and when putting a design in the cart and entering desired quantity.

What about setup / additional costs?

There are NO setup / additional costs. The price shown in the basket is the end price for the product incl. 19% German VAT.

When logged in the shop and delivery address is outside European Union, prices are shown without German VAT. Please note you might be charged import tax and local VAT from tax authorities of your country.

See details for production time, delivery & payment

What about printed fabric?

We don't offer printed fabric. The fabric is always knitted, and the design is also always knitted in. Custom jacquard fabric for your DIY project.

* incl. tax, plus shipping