Individual club scarves & shawls - design your single custom piece

Scarves are by far the most popular accessoire for fans, fanclubs and businesses. Get the scarves for your nhl, nba, nfl or mls team in high quality now. For pro or amateur teams, the scarf merchandise is no longer reserved for big clubs. Associations and organizations can order custom scarves from as low as 1 piece with individual design. Did you know: team scarves are the perfect gifts for members at the next Christmas club party.

soccer scarves bundesliga

Make the scarf with your image online and easily add the design to your cart. Select the desired quantity and click on "Update". The affordable prices for your chosen number will be displayed directly at a discount. The prices include shipping and tax, online design are no additional costs for screening or setup.

The second side of the fan and club scarves can also be customized. These differently shaped back is already included in the price is, therefore, be no extra costs. The fringes of the scarves are knitted according to the multi-colored scarf in the colors included, of course, also at no extra charge. Merchandise like the football league on your football field: offer your fans and supporters a very special quality in the Bundesliga with scarves.

Scarf features:
- Scarves Made in Germany: the complete production takes place in Germany, our warehouse is located near Stuttgart.
- Approximate size: 145x17cm, plus fringes on both ends, each about 7 cm length, total length with fringe or about 160x17cm
- Up to 5 colors can be used simultaneously
- Fringes are multi-colored scarf in the colors chosen according to the
- Quality and workmanship as Bundesliga Merchandise known Individual scarves

Custom footy scarves

In the stadium you can see him everywhere, the classic memorabilia. In addition to the presentation of the logo and motto of the favorite teams of football scarf offers also another added value that makes him so popular in the winter it is warm is at corners or free kicks, coiled it. And after a successful game, the whole block of fans rocking to the beat together back and forth.

Support for one's own society is inconceivable without scarves. Really interesting is the scarf purchase by the fact that their own text and images can be knitted into the scarf. The applet shows the variety of texts such as Player name, a slogan or a football wisdom, or even the complete text of the club song. Individual scarves have their own message that each season can be made anew. And he is one of a kind anyway.

The scarf for all seasons

The scarf is taken into the stadium in summer and winter. During the cold season it is rather worn around the neck, it can be for example in the summer at the wrists knotting or wrap around your waist. As you can tie a scarf in different ways, but there are instructions on whether to node, double knots or loops. Knitting scarves for submission.

Knitting scarf designs

If you knit will find many templates, which themselves adapted, can be customized and modified. Most often own their own logos and text are used in the models of the background, mostly dominated by classics such as bar patterns or stripes. The design can be ordered directly in the shop, the production and shipping for single pieces usually only take about 1 week.

Individual scarf for Carnival & Mardi Gras

Scarves for clubs: Design your own scarves

100% Cotton
ca. 40x40cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 40x40cm
100% Acrylic
ca. 145x17cm
* incl. tax, plus shipping