Soccer scarf variations

The scarf is available in many variations. Depending on the purpose the scarf is supposed to fulfill, production may vary regarding the type of design or artwork that should be displayed on the scarf, and of course the budget of the customer wants to spend. Here is an overview containing the main types of scarves:

Custom soccer scarf

Jacquard scarf

First to mention is the jacquard scarf. This type is knitted. Through a special technique here, the knitted stitches can be controlled individually, and therefore very detailed knitting patterns are possible. Don’t confuse this type with the embroidered scarf, this type is mentioned below.

Bar scarf

Bar scarves have a custom pattern – bars! The pattern is limited to these bars that that run either along or across the product. Sometimes the scarf is embroidered on the ends. This technique allows for very detailed display of the artwork, but the designs that can be displayed this way are rather small. So if you want to have a design that runs across the whole scarf, embroidery is not suitable for this. Embroidered bar scarves are often sold as so-called “VIP scarves”, although they not necessarily have to be knitted in a more exclusive way compared to "traditional" jacquard scarves. Also see here How to tie a football scarf.

The size may differ between the types of scarves as well. Often there is the distinction between the classic scarf, which usually has about 145x17 cm, and other sizes. In general, the fringes are not included when taking the length.

Kids scarf

The kids or children's scarf is smaller than the traditional one and measures approximately 110 x 13cm. For car owners who want to show loyalty to a club on the road, there is also sort of a mini fan scarf, which has about 55 x 10 cm in size. For mounting to the rear window, this often comes with suction cups.

Maxi scarf and jumbo scarf

If you like it big, a jumbo scarf will be the right variation for you: excessive lengths of 2 meters and more can be found in this category. The width of this knitted scarf usually is about 25cm.

Besides that, there are also other processing techniques.

Silk scarf, printed scarf

Scarves also can be printed. These silk scarves are often made of polyester containing complex logos, gradients or photos. No doubt this is a very nice way to produce a fan merchandise as well. But ultimately, the decision of wearing a knitted scarf or a printed one is up to you.

Woven Scarves

Besides knitting and printing, scarves can also be woven. This type of production is less common. Most of the scarves made and sold worldwide are knitted. Furthermore, woven scarves often have larger minimums before production can be started, so ordering customized scarves for small teams or clubs is not that easy. The production of small quantities of woven scarves with individual design is not offered by other providers so far. Lately, some manufacturers that produce woven scarves have lowered their minimums, from several hundred to about 100 pieces as minimum order.

Scarves customized: starting from as low as one single piece

Create your personal, customized knit scarf by using the online designer. Choose colors, motifs and logos. Upload your own logo or choose a clipart from our inventory. The knitted scarf is doubtless the most popular production method for the production of scarves.

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